Facts to Make You Smile

By: Dalia Nedzinskas

  • Cows have best friends – Cows are calmer when they’re with a friend, and they’re also smarter too.
Cows Have Best Friends
  • Goats and sheep are attracted to smiles – Alan McElligott performed an experiment to see what goats would do if they were shown a photo of a happy person and a mad person next to each other. About 51% went towards the happy face, 30% went towards the mad face, and the rest didn’t really care about the faces. So, in the end, most goats prefer a smiling face 😀
Goats Can Understand Human Expressions And Are Drawn To Smiling Faces
  • There is a pouch on an otter’s body where they keep their favorite rock – Folds of loose skin across an otter’s chests create a pouch under each forearm. Sea otters use their favorite rock for opening shellfish and clams. They keep this rock in one of their pockets. Most of the time, according to science, the left pocket.
The Marine Mammal Center : Sea Otter
  • Seahorses mate for life and they travel by holding tails – Baby seahorses sometimes hold each other’s tails and drift in the water looking for food. Seahorses have a strong tail that helps them hold onto objects, making it easier to eat their food without being pushed around by the current.
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  • Squirrels plant millions of trees every year due to forgetting where they buried some of their acorns – Tree squirrels are a very important animal because they help oak trees spread. From storing acorns in the ground, they plant baby oak trees.
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  • A group of hedgehogs is called a prickle – Also, hedgehogs got their name because they prefer to live in garden hedges, and because of the pig-like noises they make.
  • Baby puffins are called pufflings – Also, puffins form long-term pair bonds or relationships.
A baby puffin is called a puffling! | Puffins bird, Animals, Baby ...

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