Book Review: The Crowns of Croswald

There have only been a few books I have disliked, and I’m happy to say that this did not make that list. I really enjoyed The Crowns of Croswald for multiple reasons. One is that this book is really similar to Harry Potter, which is one of my all-time favorite books. Both Harry Potter and Crowns of Croswalds share the plot similarity of a young orphan who ends up in a school for magical kids, and goes crashing (literally in Ivy’s case) through a series of adventures.

An image of the cover of “The Crowns of Croswald,” which has fairy-like creatures glowing red inside of lanterns.

Coming back to The Crowns of Croswald, I was pretty surprised that Ivy was a royal. I quite enjoyed the prologue, and I’m still waiting for the boy in it to come back again. Was he one of Ivy’s ancestors? No signs yet, though! Maybe in the next book. 🙂 I also enjoyed Ivy’s best (human, sorry Rimbrick) friend, Rebecca. I thought she was quite an interesting character. I also thought that Fyn was a cool character. I was slightly disappointed that Rimbrick didn’t come back, except in the story in the Hollow Shaft. I was also a little sad that Wincome passed on. That said, however, I loved this book!

Recommend this to: Fantasy lovers. And Harry Potter fans.

By: Myrna Burkhalter

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