One Wacky Christmas Tree

By: Jacob Brown

My name is Michael. My family members are pretty normal most of the time. I was the exception too there normalcy…

So one christmas, my mother and grandmother took me to get a tree while my father and grandfather got special ornaments based off of our family. I was 3, and was in charge of picking out what type of tree that we would decorate that year. However, I thought mom said fur tree, like on an animal so, on the way to the tree farm I was hyping up for something soft. 

We got there 15 minutes later, and we had reached the tree farm. My mother went and talked with an employee and we walked over to a fenced area of the farm. I saw many luscious trees and the needles were soft like little pieces of fabric. I looked around and found one that was like a throne of swords, perfectly serrated that were as sharp as a needle haystack. The tree had a big blank spot to make it look like a prickly throne. I said, “Death tree, death tree, death tree, let’s get a death tree.” 

My mother and grandmother looked at my and they asked, “Are you sure this is it? We can still-”

“No this is it,” I interrupted. I waddled over to the car and sat down and said nothing and they bought the tree. 

We headed home and when we got inside, we learned my father and grandfather never left to get ornaments. We had to improvise since the store would be closed by the time we would get their. We used colored paper, so our tree looked like a spiky triangle with little torn up pieces of paper. And the rest was pretty weird as well.

On Christmas night, I heard rustling so I woke up and I assumed it was Santa. I stayed quiet and quickly moved down toward the top of the stairs. I saw two people put presents around the tree and assumed it was Santa and Mrs. Claus, so ran back to bed.

Sleeping until morning, I woke up and Christmas and the rest went like a normal everyday Christmas.

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