WDHS has chosen our films to be made during this school year!

“Hallucination” written by Samer Khazendar, directed by Joze Hunter

A teen tries to accept his sister’s death despite being haunted by her.

“Kill House” written and directed by Gavin Fencil

A group of highschoolers throw a Halloween party in an abandoned house that was the site of grisly murders.

“Saving 2020” written by Mahmoud Medlej, directed by Lydia Lehr

Transported through time, a young man tries to prevent the heartbreaking events of 2020 from coming true.

“Storytime Detention” written and directed by Victoria Irish

Three students have to work together to create a way out of detention. If only they could tolerate each

Wait! What Was that Song?” written and directed by Noah Jawad

A man goes to increasingly insane lengths to find out what song he heard on the radio.

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