First, please complete this survey today.

We are not producing the announcements today. We will shoot an installment of the announcements on Thursday, to be released on Friday.

Today, focus on completing the Addition to the List assignment ( It is due tonight at 11:59pm. Remember to describe the movie well. Also, assign a category from The List. The categories are:

  • Movies that Other Movie Makers Will Mock You If You Don’t See Them
  • Movies about Media
  • Movies about the Future
  • Movies about the Past
  • Movies about the West
  • Movies about Being Young
  • Movies about Boxing Because That’s the Only Good Sport in Movies– Except Hoosiers
  • Movies about Love
  • Movies about Family
  • Movies about Friends
  • Movies that Are Just Too Much Fun
  • Movies that Keep You Up
  • Movies with Great Performances
  • Movies that Kick Butt
  • Movies that Make You Laugh
  • Movies with Music
  • Movies about Superheroes
  • Movies about Crime

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