It’s a long post today without much work, so read all the way to the bottom.

Sebastian likes to listen in on my conference calls. Happy Spirit Week #PioneerPride
Back in 1989, WDHS made bold predicitons about the future. Are they accurate?

By tomorrow, I will have everybody’s objective correlative video up for you to comment on. If you haven’t already turned in the assignment, do it.

Advanced Movie Making:

Advanced Video:

Class Meeting

Fill out your availability for the class meeting meeting below. Or go to

Editors Needed

I am trying to produce the announcements twice a week and editing them is destroying me. I need volunteers to edit them for extra credit. They need to be edited Wednesday and Friday mornings. Even if you’re only available to do it once, it would make my life so much better.

How can I edit at home? So glad you asked!

Free Editing Programs

Windows Movie Maker

It’s free. It’s already on your PC. It’s hard to fine tune cuts. It’s only single track editing. You can’t separate the video from the audio. It’s fine.


It’s free on your Mac. It is also single track editing. It performs quickly, but it’s limited in its exports.


Multitrack editing with a lot of features including color correction. Does not operate like any other editing software and has a VERY steep learning curve.


Kdenlive has multitrack editing and lots of features. It is not very intuitive, but there are many tutorials online.


Pretty powerful multitrack editing program that beens around for more than twenty years. Fairly intuitive to a first time user, but it requires adjustment if you’re very used to another editing program.

Davinci Resolve

Super powerful, even the free version. Used at the highest professional levels. Great color correction. Super hard to learn.

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