Electric Oddity is nominated for four awards including Writing, Tristan Nunez; Editor, Abbass Karnib; Photographer, Abbass Karnib; and for Short Form – Fiction. Tristan and Abbass share this nomination with producer Angel Krawczyk, 1st assistant director Will Kirk, and star Gwen Voice.

Watch Electric Oddity!

Girlfriends is also nominated for Short Form – Fiction. Director Jozelyn Hunter shares the nomination with producer Eman Alnakash, writer Tristan Nunez, and star Victoria Irish

Have a Nice Day is nominated for two awards: Long Form- Fiction Writer/Director Damion Minton shares the nomination with producer Kate Roman, 1st Assistant Director Eman Alnakash, editor Alex Schook, stars Victoria Irish and Elijah Fischer, and Abbass Karnib, who was also nominated for this film as Photographer.

Mei Ling Marzonie is nominated as Director for The High Road, a gigantic cast and crew!

We’re proud of all our student filmmakers. We hope that we represent Dearborn High School well.

One thought on “Dearborn High School is Nominated for Eight Student Emmys!”

  1. WOW!!
    Congratulations to you and to all the writers, directors, editors,producers and actors! I am really impressed with the work the students are producing! So happy for all of you, such great team work! Whenever I see them filming it looks so professional and their work and efforts are genuine and in touch. Great work, well deserved awards.

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