Advanced Movie Making and Advanced Video students! Watch this video!

Watch the objective correlative lesson video (it’s about 20 minutes).

Independently, you will make a video that shows an objective correlative. A character must interact with an object in a way that indicates a feeling. Then they must indicate a change in feeling. Talking is perfectly fine, but the talking must not directly state their feelings. These videos will be due by 11:59pm on Sunday, March 29th.

  • The character does not directly state their feelings (3 points)
  • A character noticeably interacts with an object (6 points)
  • The character has a clear feeling toward the object (8 points)
  • The character clearly changes their feeling about the object (5 points)
  • Scene is between 30 second and 3 minutes (1 point)
  • Script shared with Mr Rauscher or on Google Classroom (1 point)
  • Appropriate for class (1 point)

Total Score: /25

You only need to complete one video for both classes.

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