An apocalypse is the end of a world. A postapocalypse is a world still picking up the pieces from the old world without having yet built the next one.

Right now, it feels like our world has been rattled and we’re living in a new one. In light of that feeling, let’s watch a movie!

Go to the Apocalypse List linked below and watch any one of the movies. Some movies are rated R, so please get your family’s permission before watching those. Then answer the following questions:

  • What world is/was/is being destroyed?
  • What is the destruction?
  • How is the new world different?
  • How do you feel about the end of that world? Why?
  • What techniques do the filmmakers use to show the destruction? Describe them as specifically as you can.

This should be about a page, 3-5 paragraphs. While you are not marked for grammar or spelling, you are marked to communicate clearly and use the language of critique we have learned in class. Be as detailed and specific as you can. Mentioning specific times in the movie when events occur is particularly impressive.

Submit via Google Docs. Due 11:59pm, Tuesday, March 24. Go to Google Classroom for more info.

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