Watching old movies pays off!

You’re sitting at home! Why not earn extra credit? Watch a bunch of movies! Earn up to 5 points of extra credit! For each movie you watch!

Watch any movie on The List (see link below). Write a paragraph about whether you liked it and why. Cite three specific reasons using the language of film critique we have discussed (see rubric below).

There are also ways to earn extra extra credit! Plus 1 extra point if it was made before 1990 and another extra if it was made before 1939! Plus another if it is in a foreign language! Foreign language movies are highlighted in green.

This list contains a wide variety of movies, some of which are not appropriate for younger viewers. Check with your parents before watching any movie rated R. Also, some movies are “Not Rated.” If they’re made before 1967, they’re appropriate. If they’re made after that, they’re probably not.

Finished paragraphs can be submitted to Mr Rauscher on paper or by email or Google Doc ( Make sure to put the name of the movie and “The List” in the title. You must submit by Sunday, June 7th at 11:59pm.

The List

The Rubric

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