It’s official! The films for this year have been chosen. The Advanced classes will spend the entire year producing these large projects with students writing, producing, shooting, and editing the entire productions. We’ll be choosing the directors over the next week.

4th hour, Advanced Movie Making, will produce:

  • “The Worst in Me,” written and directed by Eman Alnakash
  • “Detective!” written by Elijah Fischer, directed by Abbass Karnib
  • “Have a Nice Day,” written and directed by Damion Minton

5th Hour, Advanced Video, will produce:

  • “Mr. Bonkers Saves the Day,” written by Evan Johnson, directed by Joze Hunter
  • “False Illusions,” written and directed by Chloe Rahal
  • “Party Planners,” written and directed by Kareem Zebib

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