Friday, May 7th!

What a fast day! Shortened classes and Field Day to look forward to!

6/7 Quick Write: (I am collecting your TWO Quick Writes today!)


Also, any missing or late work from throughout the semester needs to get in. I will not have time next week to grade make-up work.

Today we are continuing with a quick overview of the Civil War. We are not discussing specific battles or concrete events from the war– we are looking at why it ended like it did (why did the North win?) and what were the effects of that victory.

You will be completing the second half of the handout from yesterday, continuing the “Part 2 Questions”. See attached handout: civil war q’s pt 1 & 2

Here is some helpful vocab:

After you watch this video and answer the questions, we will review. Then you will TURN IN the handout.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Thursday, May 6th


I hope you all are well rested, well-fed, and well-slept because we have a short and busy week in front of us!

Please note: if you have not done your Unit 5 Wrap Up, you will be taking the test tomorrow. This is summative and very important for you to complete ASAP! If you haven’t already taken a look (which you should have done because you have known about this Unit Wrap Up for the last week and a half), you can find the Study Guide here: Antebellum Era Study guide. Show me what you know!

6/6 Quick Write:

Today we are taking a look at the Civil War!  In our last unit we went through all of the various tensions that were rising between the North and South, most of which revolved around slavery. Now… BOOM! We gotta war. However, we don’t have time to go into the War, other than to examine a brief overview of the consequences and effects of the conflict.

We will examine the Civil War by watching a two-part video series (Crash Course with John Green). You will be given a handout with an assortment of questions regarding the war, which you will answer as we watch the 1st part in class. The handout is here: civil war q’s pt 1 & 2

Keep in mind, he talks very fast and covers a lot of information. Here are some vocab words that may assist you as you watch.

You will HOLD ON to this handout, as questions for Part 2 are on the back. We will complete the second part tomorrow!

Almost done with the week already!

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Friday, May 31st!

Happy Friday! I know we are all looking forward to a long and celebratory holiday weekend. And we will certainly get there very soon. But first, Unit 5 Wrap Up!!!

5/31 Quick Write: I am collecting these today… there should be FOUR!

You need to make sure your Constitutional Convention vs. Civil War worksheet is turned in!

As I showed you yesterday, there are four ways you can demonstrate to me what you have learned during this unit:

If you chose the test yesterday, then you hopefully studied last night using the Antebellum Era Study guide. This is an in-class test, due at the end of the period, and you may NOT use notes.

If you are selecting one of the other three options, you may use your notes etc.

Please note: the Unit 5 Wrap Up is…

  • Summative (big points, big effect on your grade!)
  • Due at the END OF CLASS (use your time wisely!)

Put in strong effort, use your time efficiently, turn it in… then enjoy your weekend!

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Thursday, May 30th:

Happy Thursday!

5/30 Quick Write:

Today we are looking over what we have covered in this unit (the events, laws and circumstances leading up to the Civil War) and we are directly relating everything to a topic that was covered many months ago: the Constitutional Convention. Our intention is to examine and analyze how the momentum that would eventually lead to the Civil War was put in motion back in 1787, several decades before the antebellum era.

You will be completing a worksheet where you will connect the topics discussed at the Convention in 1787 among the founding fathers, and the topics we have covered in Unit 5.

See instructions below:

Here is the handout: CC and CW handout


Also, tomorrow we will be doing our Unit 5 Wrap up: there are FOUR options, one of which is an in-class test.

In class today I will show you all four options. If you choose the test, you will need to study tonight! See the attached study guide: Antebellum Era Study guide

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Wednesday, May 29th:


5/29 Quick Write:

We are continuing our Cornell Notes on whether the Civil War inevitable or not. We will add information and context to vocabulary we are already familiar with, and then you will determine if there was any way the Civil War could have been avoided.

Find the lecture slides here: Was the Civil War Inevitable Cornell Notes slides

Below are the Cornell Note instructions:

Almost halfway done with the week!

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Tuesday, May 28th!

Welcome back! I hope we all feel refreshed after the long weekend– we have lots of work to do so here we go!

5/28 Quick Write:

If you did not turn in your “How free were free blacks in the north?” CER on Thursday, do so today! This is a QUIZ GRADE so your grade will suffer if it is missing.

Take a look at the agenda below… as you can see, we are wrapping up Unit 5 this week!!

Today we are taking a deeper look at some of the political events that were taking place during the antebellum period. A lot of these terms should be very familiar! We are simply adding in more details, so we can better understand how it connects to the content we have already covered in this unit. You will take Cornell Notes on the material I present to you. We will finish the Cornell Notes tomorrow. You can find the lecture slides here: Was the Civil War Inevitable Cornell Notes slides

Our Essential Question is: Was the Civil War inevitable? Was there any way it could have been avoided?

See Cornell Note instructions below:

Let’s have a lovely week!

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Thursday, May 23rd

Here comes a long weekend! Let’s work smoothly, be on task, and get all of our work done so you won’t have any homework!

5/23 Quick Write: I am collecting FOUR quick writes today!

Today we will continue to examine “how free were free blacks in the North”? Using our T-chart, you will each write a CER addressing this question.

The first thing you will do is take out your T-chart from the last two days and decide whether or not free blacks were, in fact, free in the North.

After you have circled three pieces of evidence on your T-chart (two pieces of evidence that support your claim, one that is going to be your counter-argument), you will begin to write your CER. See instructions below.

Make sure to explain your evidence, and include a counterargument and rebuttal!

This is due at the end of class!

Happy LONG weekend 🙂

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Wednesday, May 22nd!

Over halfway done with the week! Yay Wednesday!

5/22 Quick Write:

Today we will continue to examine the four primary and secondary sources of our DBQ. Remember, we are coming back to the question of if free blacks in the north were actually free. 

You will continue to fill out your T-chart, taking notes on examples of rights and freedoms northern blacks had, and examples of restrictions and limitations they faced.

Documents and accompanying questions can be found below.

When we have examined all of the documents, you will decide whether or not free blacks were, in fact, free in the North. On your T-chart, do the following:

Keep this T-chart safe because we will use it to write a CER tomorrow!



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Tuesday, May 21st!

Happy Tuesday!

5/21 Quick Write:

Today we are continuing our DBQ assessment. Together as a class, we will examine four primary/secondary documents and gather evidence to address the question: “How free were free blacks in the North?”

You will be taking notes on a T-chart. As we analyze each document, you will write notes on the ways Northern blacks were free, and examples of how they were not free in the North.

Next to each of the documents, I have attached comprehension questions that we will address together, and which will assist with your note-taking.

After we finish with all four documents, you will have time to add a few more notes to your T-chart. You will keep this T-chart for our activity tomorrow.

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Monday, May 20th

Welcome back! We have 4 days this week, so let’s make them GOOD!

5/20 Quick Write:

Remember to turn in your Current Event if you did not do so on Friday!! (Last one!!)

We have covered many questions so far in this unit:

  • Why was there slavery in the US?
  • What did slavery look like the the US in the 1800s?
  • How was slavery resisted?
  • Who resisted and worked to get rid of slavery?

We will review these topics with a brief video (most classes were unable to watch this video last week, despite it being posted on Friday’s post). Keep in mind, he speaks very quickly and covers a lot of information. Focus on what you ALREADY KNOW, and make note of which topics he mentions that are familiar.

After we debrief on this video, we will begin to discuss our ongoing question for the week: How free were free blacks in the North?

We will address this question by doing a DBQ (Document-Based Questions) assessment as a class. Today we will start things off by reading an Introduction Essay together. We will discuss the essay as a class and answer a few comprehension questions.

Have a good week!


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