Material Pick-Up Reminder


There will be an opportunity for you to pick up some materials for students next week at school. These items are not required for continued student learning online, but can be used as a supplement for learning. All personal belongings from the students desks and lockers will be available at a later date and not be included during this distribution.

What: Math books, whiteboards, dry erase markers, and paper for each student.

When: Tuesday, May 5, 2020 from 12:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Where: Whitmore-Bolles School

Safety Protocol: Tables will be set up and materials will be set up and materials will be spread out well for social distancing. Persons walking up with have a designated waiting area on the sidewalk while maintaining a 6 foot distance. As parents walk up, they will let workers know what grade/s students are in . A designated person will check off families that pick up a supply bag and student’s materials.

Holiday Wishes

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3rd Grade Families,

I want to wish each and everyone of you a very healthy, relaxing, and happy holiday season! Please soak in family time and enjoy some time unplugged. Thank you very much for all of the continued support through this very different school year! You have been such a great group to work with and I really appreciate it! If you celebrate, please have a Merry Christmas or beautiful holiday time and a Happy New Year too! Hopefully, the two weeks will give everyone a well deserved break. 

3rd Grade Material Pick-Up Reminder

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3rd Grade Families,

What: 3rd Grade Reading Material Pick-Up

When: Tomorrow, Friday, November 13th from 2:00 – 3:45 p.m.

Where: Whitmore-Bolles Parking Lot by the Main Office Doors

How: We will have boxes for each class with the needed materials. Mrs. Travis and Mrs. Hill will be present outside (wearing masks and keeping a safe distance) while checking off names as parents/guardians pick up the books. 


***Masks are Required!

***Please contact your child’s teacher if you are unable to pick up the materials, so other arrangements can be made.

***All afternoon small groups and Learning Labs are cancelled during this time.

Thank You!

3rd Grade Material Pick-Up Time

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We are finishing up our first unit in Reading and therefore will need to distribute the Unit 2 books. Mrs. Hill and I will be doing a material pick up day this Friday November 13th from 2:00-3:45. During this time, we will be at the school to pass out Unit 2 books. Please meet us in the parking lot by the main entrance doors for a quick pick up. Masks are required. If you are unable to make it during this time, please contac me, so we can make different arrangements. Thank you!

Parent-Teacher Conferences Reminder and Zoom Information

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Dear parents,

If you have not yet signed up for a Parent-Teacher Conference, please click on the following link to choose a good available date/time. To join your scheduled conference time, please go to your child’s Schoology Homepage. There is a Parent-Teacher Conference Folder, which has a Zoom Link for each conference day. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you during your time!

End of the Marking Period, Small Groups Schedule, and Halloween Costumes

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I just wanted to give you an update on a few important things!

This Friday marks the end of the first card marking. Because of this, the elementary students will have a half day of school. Since it is the last day of the marking period, please make sure all assignments are complete and submitted by then as well. 

The Small Groups Schedule is now posted in the “Class Information” tab on our Schoology homepage. Please refer to this to know when each student needs to meet with me for small group instruction. Be sure to follow the days and times posted to ensure each student is on track and gaining the most from their time/s. Remember, many students will also be meeting with Mrs. Glover and/or Mrs. Hansen as well, so this schedule does not include their times, but our team has worked hard together to try our best to accomodate various schedule needs. Thank you!

Furthermore, normally halloween costumes are not allowed at school (at Whitmore-Bolles) during a typical school day, but Mrs. Waddell has given the ok for students to wear Halloween costumes or attire (orange and black/Halloween colors) virtually on Friday during the half day. Please remember, since it is still during school time, any costumes worn must be school appropriate. No weapons are permitted. Please remember, costumes are optional, so it is completely okay if the students do not want to wear one. 

In-Person Learning Labs Cancelled

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n-Person Learning Labs: 

The Learning Lab Committee, district nurses, and the district leadership team met today.  As aligned with the Learning Lab guidelines in-person Learning Labs will be inactive effective tomorrow, Wednesday October 21, 2020 for an indefinite time frame. 

With this change, the students who are scheduled for in-person Learning Lasb times will have virtual labs during their scheduled time, to try keeping some consistency with schedules.

Learning Labs and Reading Groups

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3rd Graders and Families,

Now that we are on the last stretch of the beginning of the year assessments (specific skill checklists) and with the start of Learning Labs (invited students based on targeted needs at this time only), the 3rd grade team is in the process of creating reading group days/times. Since we will be meeting with Learning Lab students and/or reading groups, we will no longer continue our end of the day/open zoom room check in. If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to e-mail me/message me in Schoology as you complete your assignments, so I can reach out to you to help clarify. Our hopes are to have a schedule set by Monday, so each student knows their scheduled days and times for group meetings (with myself, Mrs Glover, and/or Mrs. Hansen). I will be discussing our plan with the students too! Thank you for your support.

If your child is scheuled for a Learning Lab time, please arrive at the start and dismissal time promptly. Again, we are assigned to the gym door. Please be sure the students bring their Chromebook or virtual learning device and wear a mask (these are mandatory the entire time). Also, since these take place for a limited time, please have them use the restroom before arriving to school. Be sure to bring the required signed form that I sent you as well. Thank you for your cooperation!