June 8

Last Remote Calendar for the 2019-20 School Year/Summer Learning

And with this, ladies and gentlemen, is the last remote calendar for this school year!!! WOOOHOOO! Make sure you finish strong and get all your work turned in this week! Your teachers are available to help you.

Also, we have been given some resources from your high school ELA teachers for you to work on during the summer. You will be asked to read two books, complete an assignment for each book, and you will present on your summer reading choices next fall! The assignment is straight forward and consists of a summary, a theme, a quotation, and if you recommend the book.


I am also providing a Padlet, or a discussion board, for you to use since Google Classroom will be archived during the summer. I will check the Padlet regularly and be available for thoughts, questions, and concerns. Try to stop by and say hi this week, so I know you have access to it!



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June 1

Finish Strong Vikings!

Greetings Vikings!

I can’t believe we are heading into the first week of June! Please encourage your child(ren) to complete all missing work this week so he/she can earn credit for all classes and to avoid any repercussions. Our teachers are working hard to ensure every student succeeds. Please continue to monitor ParentConnect and communicate with your child’s teacher regarding grades and what needs to be done on your child’s part in order for them to successfully complete each class. LET’S FINISH STRONG as that is the VIKING way!

Below are the weekly calendars for the week of June 1st.

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

Principal Jebril


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May 29

Textbook/library Books Drop Off & Smith’s Distribution Plan of Student Belongings from Hallway and Gym Lockers

 Monday June 1st, 8am-2pm

  • Students/Parents will complete Smith Locker Cleanout Request by May 22nd.
  • Distribution will take place on Monday, June 1st 8am-2pm. 
  • Pick-up will be via drive through on the Yale side of the building.  If you do not complete the form prior to Friday, May 22nd- your items  will not be available for pickup.
  • If a gym locker has a combination lock and the combination was not provided on the request form,  the lock will have to be cut.
  • When picking up your child’s  items on June 1st, you must display the student name and student number on a sheet of paper – displayed on your dashboard for us to see- you must also show photo ID to get your items. 
  • Students and parents must stay in their cars at all times. You need to pop open your trunk and one of our staff members will drop the bag into your car. 
  • All locker items not picked up on June 1st by 2pm, will be donated unless you contact me to let me know
  • If you have text books, library books, etc that you need to return to us, we will have a box/bin in front of the main entrance of the building for you to drop items any day this week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) between 8am-2pm. Please have items clearly labeled with your child’s name, ID number and the teacher’s name they need to be returned to. If you are picking up belongings on June 1st, you may drop off items at that time. 
  • Contact me if you have any questions or concerns – jebrilz@dearbornschools.org or join us at today’s PTSA meeting at 6:30pm
  • Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/93767020006?pwd=UE14UmJJUERVYWg4T09GUThSTzVLZz09
  • Meeting ID: 937 6702 0006 Password: 3acNs9
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May 26

The Gift (8th Grade Writing Project)

DUE: MAY 29th, 2020! If your project is submitted late, it will not be in the 8th grade book!

Watch the video and review the PowerPoint on Google Classroom for instructions and email me with questions. Outlines and examples are in a Google Doc on Google Classroom.

Important Dates:

Email potential titles by: Tuesday, May 26th
Title Poll will be: Wednesday, May 27th
Title will be announced: Thursday, May 28th
Writing Due: Friday May 29th
Email me potential covers by: May 31st
Cover Poll will be: Monday, June 1st
Cover will be announced: Tuesday, June 2nd

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May 18

“The Outsiders” Chapters 11-12 Week of May 18th-21st (NO SCHOOL FRIDAY! THIS IS DUE THURSDAY, May 21st)

Use your own words for the Google Doc assignments and watch the videos for the lesson every week!

Hello Dearest Friends,

This week, we have created a PowerPoint with all of the links embedded into the PowerPoint by day. The PowerPoint is posted on Google Classroom. You can watch the videos and locate links for the readings, help desk, etc. within the PPT. If clicking on them does not work, please highlight the link, copy it, and paste it into a web browser.

We are posting work on Sunday and also extending the due time to midnight due to Ramadan! This should alleviate some of the work load for those of you who are celebrating and leave enough time for you to submit your work on time. Please make sure you are completing BOTH assignments each week, as a number of students only did one or the other last week.

Watch the videos each week! More and more students are doing poorly on the written component because you have not watched the lesson videos. This week, one of the videos goes into very specific detail about what type of writing we expect and we lessened the writing to one question. Since you only have one question, we expect very high quality work! We also expect you to use your own words. Any student with a high percentage of commonalities will be asked to redo the assignment and it will be marked missing until it is redone. We will also call home and inform Mr. Rummel. You are intelligent enough to do your own work, so take the time to complete your work properly!

Please use the Help Desk Form (link found in PPT) or email us with questions or just to tell us your favorite part of the book!

We miss you all so dearly,
Ms. Timpf and Ms. Schafer

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May 18

Remote Learning Calendar Week of 5/18-5/21

Hello Friends,

Attached is the weekly calendar for the upcoming four day week. Please remember that school will not be in session on Friday May 22nd or Monday May 25th. Teachers will take that time to rejuvenate and spend time with their families. We’ll be back at it Tuesday, May 26th.


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