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Week of February 14-18, 2022

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Hello Room 108 Families,

These three short days of school have been packed with fun and learning! I am excited to share what we learned about this week! First, please see these reminders:


  • MID-WINTER BREAK: Mid-Winter Break is Friday, February 18-Tuesday, February 22. THERE IS NO SCHOOL THESE DAYS! School will resume on Wednesday, February 23. I hope you all have a wonderful and restful break!
  • MASKS: Masks must be worn at all times on school property. Families, please make sure your child is wearing a mask as they enter school. Please make sure you are packing EXTRA MASKS in your child’s backpack! We do keep extra masks in the classroom, however, we do not want to accidentally run out of masks should a child need one. All adults must also wear masks when dropping off and picking up their children. Thank you all very much for your understanding, as this is a Dearborn Public Schools requirement.
  • DROP OFF AND DISMISSAL: Preschool starts promptly at 8:15 AM. Dismissal is at 3:00 PM SHARP! If your child is going to be absent, you must call the classroom (313) 827-6575 or text me on Remind BEFORE school starts. Thank you all very much for your understanding and cooperation!
  • WATER BOTTLES: Please make sure you are sending your child to school with a water bottle. We do not have a drinking fountain in the classroom, however, we can refill your child’s water bottle throughout the day.

What Did We Learn About This Week?

B was our letter this week! We talked about what the B sound makes, as well as read about things that start with letter B (ball, button, boat, bear, bubbles, bee). We wrote about these in our writing journals! We also practiced our fine motor AND alphabetic knowledge skills by cutting out capital and lowercase B’s.

We continued our LEGO STEAM exploration this week in our small groups. We talked about sorting the mail into the right places so the mail people can deliver our mail to our houses. To help the students understand this concept, we watched a video about Amazon’s sorting center.

We talked about what a sorting center is. As we watched the video, we talked about the features a sorting center has (slides, people, scanners, address labels, etc.). We watched how Amazon sorts the mail in the right places so they can deliver our mail to our houses. After watching the video, we used our knowledge to build our own sorting centers.

After building our sorting centers, we talked about where the packages go after they’ve been sorted. The students agreed that the mail people take our mail to our houses. We wrote about this in our Engineering Notebooks.

Next Week at Salina…

  • Monday, February 21: NO SCHOOL FOR MID-WINTER BREAK
  • Tuesday, February 22: NO SCHOOL FOR MID-WINTER BREAK
  • Wednesday, February 23: School 8:15 AM-3:00 PM
  • Thursday, February 24: School 8:15 AM-3:00 PM

Fun Activity Idea!

All families have received their LEGO 6 Bricks. This weekend, have your child explore with the 6 Bricks. What will they build? How are they going to build with them? I’d love to see pictures of what they build! Feel free to text me pictures of their creations on Remind!

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