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Week of November 1-4, 2021

Hello Room 108 Families,

We had such a fun week of learning! This week, we learned about letter H. We practiced making the letter H with wiki sticks. As we made the letter, we practiced making the letter sound H makes. Furthermore, we wrote about things that start with letter H in our writing journals (examples: hat, hippo, hamburger, house, and more!)

We also started learning motion and movement by exploring roller coasters. First, we read a book about roller coasters. We read, “Roller Coaster,” by Marla Frazee:

Roller Coaster: Frazee, Marla: 9780152057442: Books

As the students read the book, they talked about what roller coasters need (example: tracks, tunnels, roller coaster trains, etc.).

The students pretended to ride a roller coaster by pretending to ride Koo Koo Kangaroo’s roller coaster and Cedar Point’s Millennium Force roller coaster:

The students made a blueprint to build a roller coaster. They worked together during Writing Time and drew a plan to build a roller coaster. They included tracks, tunnels, and a roller coaster train.

Last, it was time to build a roller coaster! The students looked at their blueprints during Small Group and followed it to make their roller coasters!

Next Week…

  • Monday, November 8: School 8:15-3:00
  • Tuesday, November 9: School 8:15-3:00 & Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:15-6:30
  • Wednesday: November 10: School 8:15-3:00
  • Thursday, November 11: NO SCHOOL! Parent-Teacher Conferences 8:15-6:30 PM

Fun Weekend Activity Idea!

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Have your child find things in your house that start with letter H! What can they find that starts with letter H?

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