TKAM reading

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Read chapter 4 by Friday and add post-its for the BIG IDEAS on your book mark.  Be prepared for class work.


Chapters 5 & 6 will need to be read by Monday.  There is a QUIZ on ch.1-6 on Tuesday.

TKAM homework; AOW #4; reminders

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TKAM–Read chapters 2 & 3 for Tuesday, and chapter 4 by Friday.  Expect to have class work based on reading.  Add post its to your book where you find examples relating to the BIG IDEAS/THEMATIC IDEAS found on your book mark. Don’t forget that you can LISTEN on audiobook on YouTube.

AOW #4 Due by Friday!

AOW #4 Fearless Girl


BOOK TALK (5TH)–Bring book/info. on Wednesday to create materials/make note cards for presentations which begin Thursday!



Homework and upcoming assessments

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Homework—-Finish reading Ch. 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird and complete the inference assignment.  If you missed class today, LISTEN to an audio recording on You tube of Ch. 1 and answer the questions on the assignment that is attached:  Ch. 1 Inquiry & Inference Student copy  Due: Monday

HONORS–Your Martian Chronicles essay test is next Thursday, 3-23.  Please bring your inquiry/golden line notes as well as your novel so I can collect them.

LA4 (5th)-Wednesday is a Book Talk work day, so please have your novel or at least the MLA citation information so you can make your book card and visual aid.  Print any pictures in advance so you can complete the poster in class.  Book Talks will begin on Thursday (3-23)!



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AOW #3 that was due Friday is now due on Monday.  Due to extended time, I fully expect all students will submit it on Monday.

I will do my best to have all notebooks evaluated by Wednesday; however, I did NOT have all the notebooks at home, so I will have to grade them Monday and Tuesday.  In addition, the power outage prevented me from running all the tests on Wednesday after school.  I plan to run them Monday morning and will try to update the grade book on my prep.  

If you are missing ANY quizzes,Writer’s Notebook prompts, or the Unit Test, plan to stay after school on Wednesday (3-15) in order for scores to be entered in time for the card marking which ends Friday.

For regular LA 4 students (5th hr.)–your scores are in MiStar.  If you did NOT meet proficiency (D or E) on the test, the re-take is Wednesday after school as well.  You MUST attend this session!  

HONORS (3rd & 5th)–Your mini-project for the novel will be done M-T this week, and your final essay test is pushed to the following week. Please bring your novels to class.

AOW #3 Due by Friday

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LA4-AOW 3-Survivng PTSD (1)


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Finish reading “Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket” pgs.7-20.  Complete the reading notes/questions for MONDAY.  This is the last story in the unit before the TEST on Wednesday.

HONORS-HONORS questions (3rd/6th)

5th hr-Reading Guide


Unit 1 Review Sheet

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Complete and bring on TUESDAY to review in class for the TEST on WEDNESDAY.

Friday’s Quiz!

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The quiz is on the two companion stories “There Will Come Soft Rains”  and “By the Waters of Babylon” as well as the words from Vocabulary 2.


Attached is a quiz prep sheet to compare/contrast the stories.

compare to soft rains venn

tchart side 2


“By the Waters of Babylon”

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5th hr.-Read the story and do the guided reading questions

pg. 576-579 and number 1-6 for Tuesday.



MC Part 4 due tomorrow. Read the story and do analysis questions by Thursday.


By the Waters of Babylon Guided Reading

HONORS MC Vocab #2 Due Thursday

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MC voc. 2

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