Seussical Jr. Rehearsals

Monday, February 24— 4:00-6:00pm

CALLED: Horton, Jo Jo, Cat in the Hats, Sour Kangaroo

Tuesday, February 25— 3:00-6:30pm


(Parents: Reminder there is a production meeting at 4:00pm)

Wednesday, February 26— 3:30-6:30pm

CALLED: Amazing Mayzie, Gertrude, Bird Girls, Cat in the Hats, JoJo, Sour Kangaroo, Horton, Monkeys, Mayor, Mrs. Mayor, Yertle the Turtle

Thursday, February 27— 3:00-6:30pm


Friday, February 28— NO REHEARSAL

Congratulations Cast of Seussical Jr.

Hello, cast of Seussical the Musical Jr.! Thank you so much for auditioning and for giving us everything you got. You made our decisions extremely difficult ones, which is exactly what we expected! Every single one of you is completely AMAZING, so whether this cast list has you excited or disappointed, we hope you find joy in knowing that you’re so special to this cast, and we are so excited to work with you!!!

If your name isn’t on the list know that it may have been a simple error on our end. See one of the STC leadership members so we can correct it.

Seuss Audition Update:

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Hey All! Please be prepared to sing and act your heart out tomorrow! Everyone will have around 1-2 minutes to audition, and may have their audition cut short if the casting team feels they have seen/heard enough to make their decision. Make sure you are prepared and confident!

Audition Contracts will be handed out tomorrow— make sure to pick one up, fill it out, and turn it in as soon as possible. You will not be cast if that audition contract is not filled out.

Sidenote— Tomorrow we need to be out at 4:50 sharp! So please make sure your ride is prompt, we won’t be staying back for any reason.

Break a Leg!