Seuss Audition Update:

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Hey All! Please be prepared to sing and act your heart out tomorrow! Everyone will have around 1-2 minutes to audition, and may have their audition cut short if the casting team feels they have seen/heard enough to make their decision. Make sure you are prepared and confident!

Audition Contracts will be handed out tomorrow— make sure to pick one up, fill it out, and turn it in as soon as possible. You will not be cast if that audition contract is not filled out.

Sidenote— Tomorrow we need to be out at 4:50 sharp! So please make sure your ride is prompt, we won’t be staying back for any reason.

Break a Leg!

Seussical Audition Material

Hello All! Attached is an informational packet for all things Seuss related. If you scroll all the way down to the last few pages, you will find instructions for what to practice depending on who you are auditioning for. There are also monologues attached on the very bottom. The Sheet Music is attached separately (the second link).

Sheet Music: