Retake Policy

Summative assessments will be available for retake based on the following principles and process:

  • Only one retake per summative assessment is permitted.
  • The higher score is the score of record.
  • Students must follow the retake process established in the respective school, but each process should include the following:
  1. A written request by the student, including an explanation for requesting the retake
  2. The student’s demonstration of effort to attain mastery learning, which might include test corrections, caught-up homework
  3. The teacher’s approval for retake following 1 and 2 above
  4. The student’s arranging with the teacher for retake
  5. Completion of the retake within a reasonable time frame, e.g. within 1.5 weeks of the original summative assessment
  • Retakes may be in a different format from the original summative assessment.
  • End-of-semester exams cannot be retaken.

Google Classroom & Remind

Welcome to U.S. History with Mr. Stottlemyre!

Our first set of assignments from Google’s Applied Digital Skills library must be completed in the Applied Digital Skills Classroom.

All assignments and course updates are in my Google Classrooms.

Also, join the Remind for YOUR class to ensure that you get updates on due dates and study aids:

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