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Classroom News from Room 211

Weekly Spelling Words

didn’t, can’t, they’ve, we’ve, she’ll, we’ll, he’s, she’s, wouldn’t, couldn’t 

Sight words – help, from, other, also, job 

Egg Hunt money, $4.00, can be turned in until Tuesday. 

There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, April 19. 

There is a LATE  START on Wednesday, April 24. School will begin at 9:40. 


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Classroom News from Room 211

Weekly Spelling Words

Pattern – score, store, chore,  tore, snore, wore, soar, oar, roar, board

 Dolch – people, they, know, outside, work

Wow! Time is flying by! We are starting the last quarter of the school year. 

Science – It is the perfect time to start our plant unit. We will be growing seeds and writing down our observations. We will plan experiments to learn about the needs of plants. 

Social Studies – We will reviewing the history of Dearborn and how the city has changed over time. 

Math – We will be working with equal groups to lay the foundation for multiplication and division. We will continue to review addition and subtraction. 

Reading – Our end of the year goal for reading is level 28. Students need to continue to read at home every day. Please start thinking about how you will keep your child reading this summer. If students don’t read, they slide backward and will have to catch up in the fall. We are lucky to have such a wonderful library right across the street. 🙂 

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Classroom News from Room 211

Weekly Spelling Words

Pattern – near, fear, deer, steer, where, there, gear, rear, peer, cheer

Sight – read, better, little, give, gave

Friday is the last day in school for March is Reading Month and it is also 

Dress for the job you’d like someday. We will be discussing what students would 

like to be when they grow up so they have some ideas to share with you by Friday.

Looking forward to a  fun day! 

There is no school Monday, April 1 to Friday, April 5 for Spring break.

Please make reading a part of your child’s daily activities. is a good website to practice math skills. 

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Classroom News from Room 211

Weekly Spelling Words

Pattern – stare, share, dare, care, chair, pair, rare, bare, fair, hair

Sight – brother, sister, children, mother, father

Please help your child practice their spelling words at home. They can do this on paper, on a white board (dollar store), in a shallow pan of salt, with play doh (make worms and make the letters)….

We will take our Unit 4 Social Studies test on Friday. I will send a study guide home tomorrow. 

Students should be reading daily at home and filling out Dr. Moughni’s reading log.

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Classroom News from Room 211

Weekly Spelling Words (soft c, hard c, soft g, hard g)

Pattern – cave, cent, country, city, girl, gym, wagon, page, gift, face

 Sight – was, sitting, with, went, running

LATE START – Wednesday, March 13th. 

March is Reading Month Calendars are coming home tomorrow. Please read it over with your child. 

Please help your child remember to log what they are reading everyday on the reading log. 


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Classroom News from Room 211


Our theme this year is ENCHANTED FOREST

Our main hall has been transformed into an ENCHANTED FOREST by our hardworking PTA. 

Students will be bringing home a calendar of fun things to do at home and school throughout this month. Please keep the calendar handy so you know what activities are coming up at school. 

Dr. Moughni has sent home a March Reading Log. Second graders are expected to read for 30 minutes a day. 

We will be attending the Scholastic Book Fair in the morning on Wednesday, March 6. 

The Henry Ford Literacy Night is on Thursday, March 7 from 5-6:30. It is a really fun night to experience many reading activities! 

Friday, March 8 is “dress like a book character” day! Students can choose to dress like a character that we have read about in class or one they have read about on their own. Please remember that Friday is Gym day so tennis shoes are still needed. 

Weekly Spelling Words

Pattern – knee, knot, gnaw, gnat, write, wrap, climb, thumb, doubt debt 

Sight – better, take, hold, show, small

Wednesday, March 13 is a Late Start. School will begin at 9:40. 

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Classroom News from Room 211

Weekly Spelling Words – please practice daily

Pattern – alone, ago, again, away, agree, alike, amazing, above, idea, along

Sight – team, cousin, store, friend, really

Please continue to remind your child to read daily and talk about what they are reading with someone at home. 

Homework is always written in your child’s planner. 

Thank you for the Kleenex!!


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Classroom News from Room 211

Weekly Spelling Words

These words are from last week. We did not take a test on Valentine’s Day because of the short week last week. 

Practicing spelling words are part of daily homework. 

Pattern – oil, soil, moist, hoist, toy, joy, royal, loyal, coin, join

Sight – work, upon, our, black, pick

We will be taking the WIDA English language test this week and next week. The test covers listening, reading, writing, and speaking. 

Science – we will be learning about landforms – mountains, hills, plateaus, valleys, and plains

Social Studies – our next unit is How Do People Work Together in a Community?

Math – we are continuing to work on double digit subtraction.

Math Homework

Parents, please help your child read the directions on the math homework. Students need to rewrite the problem and show their work. 

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Classroom News from Room 211

Weekly Spelling Words

Pattern words – clown, brown, growl, howl, found, sound, mouse, house, cloud, loud 

Sight words – been, seven, together, once, time

LATE START – Wednesday, February 6, school begins at 9:40. 

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is a half day. Students will be dismissed at 11:45.

Students may share Valentine’s Cards with their classmates. Students just need to put their name on the card. 

Individually wrapped treats are welcome on Valentine’s Day. 

There is no school on Friday, February 15 and Monday, February 18th for midwinter break. 

We will have a Social Studies test on Wednesday, February 13. I will send a study guide home this week. 

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Classroom News from Room 211

Weekly Spelling Words

Pattern – pause, cause, fault, launch, law, draw, claw, yawn, lawn,  crawl

Sight – drink, only, warm, done, round

Students need to practice their spelling words daily please. 

Late Start – February 6 – School will begin at 9:40. 

There is a half-day on February 14th, Valentine’s Day for teacher professional development! School will be dismissed at 11:45. 

There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, February 15 and Monday, February 18 for midwinter break. 

Please make sure your child is reading EVERYDAY at home for  30 minutes (this can be all at once or broken apart). 

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