Remote Therapy

If interested, please contact me at to set up a therapy session while school is closed. I will make arrangements to work with your child remotely, which may require your assistance to log your child on and work with your child with me during the session.

Great resource for movement activities at home for sensory needs!

Integrated Learning Strategies ( listed movement ideas to address children’s sensory needs at home.

Here is the article where you can access several resources to find sensory based movement ideas for home!

Grasp Development (Earhardt)

Children develop grasps on crayons/markers developmentally so it is important to see where they are in their development. Coloring/painting on a vertical surface will help with wrist positioning and grasp development.

Using chalk on a chalkboard helps give feedback and working on shapes before letters is beneficial. Once your child has mastered the following pre-writing, shapes, you can move on to LARGE CAPITAL LETTERS. If you do not have an easel, you can tape paper to a wall, Try having your child kneel (tall kneeling) to complete the work to also work on core strengthening and focus.