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DCMST Application is Now Available

on January 6, 2020

DEARBORN CENTER FOR MATH, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (DCMST) is a community of learners sharing a high interest in math, science & technology.  The 4 year program provides enrichment and acceleration through a hands-on problem solving approach that integrates technological applications with math and science. 

  • Applications for current Dearborn Public School students and out-of-district students are available on the DCMST website/blog (March 13, 2020 deadline)
  • Applications are open to all students who will successfully complete Algebra 1 by June 2020
  • Students will be selected based on standardized test scores (MStep, NWEA, Algebra 1 Sem 1 CA) and GPA

The link is located on the banner–click on Potential DCMST Candidates. The link:

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