Week 3 suggested remote work

I hope this post finds you safe and well! I miss you all..you will receive google meet invitations to keep in touch and answer questions.

As changes keep coming our way, we will continue with distance learning to pass to next level and keep the mind engaged. It is not late to complete past assignment and turn it in on google classroom. Please refer to remote google slide for all previous assignments and tutorials. See my tutorials for Week 2: Assignment 3 to help you. ( my daughter helped me with the recordings)I want to commend those who have been turning in quality work, but I want to see all of you working and participating here. By not doing so, you will be jeopardizing your long term academic goal. I have planned Week 3 assignment, consisting of 4 different activities: one of which is optional. This plan of work is for few weeks and it is fun to do.

  1. What’s in a Name? What’s in a Glaze
  2. molecule of the week
  3. frontiers in chemistry (optional)

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