March 24th

It is our second week on remote learning already.  It is unreal the speed of events that have happened due to the pandemic, from schools closing to the executive order for shutting down the whole State.  I understand the challenges many of you are facing; especially for those who have been working or taking the adult responsibility at home.    

As stated by Governor Gretchen Whitmer last week, work will not be counted for a grade; but the decision can very likely change and your work can be counted again. Meanwhile, complete and turn in your assignments for extra credit. It is the expectation of Fordson staff/school to continue working towards your academic goals and keep the learning momentum going during time off school.   I will be posting content reinforcement assignments, videos, and enrichment activities to keep you engaged and mentally challenged.
You will find remote assignment#3 on google classroom. I expect more active participation this week as I will update the gradebook, your visibility online counts even when you message me.

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