Apps and Websites for Students with Special Needs:

Dear Families:

Here are some websites and apps that can assist you in helping your children at home:

Here is a great website that lists apps, websites, webinars, etc. that you can go to that supports students with disabilities:

More Educational Resources:

I hope everyone is doing well! Here are some more online educational resources that you can do/go to at home:

Educational Resources:

Dear Families,

Here are a list of educational resources that you can do/go to with your children while you are at home:

  • Scholastic Learn at Home:
  • Storyline Online:
  • Epic:
  • National Geographic Kids:
  • Storytime From Space:
  • (Provides resources on how you can help your students improve their reading skills)

As always make sure students are reading for 30 minutes each day and practicing their writing skills each day. I will be adding more resources in the coming weeks.

Welcome to iBlog

Welcome to iBlog Teacher Websites Sites. This is your brand new classroom website.  There are some things you should do to get started.  Hopefully you have been following the Getting Started Tutorials and Step Sheets.

It is important that you edit your profile so that you can choose your school and grade level as this will help parents and students find your website.  Look for the link in the upper right when you are logged in.