Ms. Madison's Classroom

Dearborn Public Schools

Important Dates:

Thursday, August 12- Last Day of Summer Program

Friday, August 27- Kona Ice Meet and Greet for students (2:00-3:00 on the Howe Playground)

Monday, August 30- First Day of school (Half-Day of school) Special Ed Programs (8:25-11:30) Montessori Programs (9:00-12:05)

Tuesday, August 31-September 10– Kindergarten Half Days all other grades are full days

September 3- NO SCHOOL

September 6- NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)

September 15- Late Start- All Students begin 1 Hour Later

September 17- Half Day of School

Can’t make it to class?

Please send me a picture of your student doing some type of daily life skill and that will count as being present!

Daily Life Skills:

  • Cooking (picking a meal, opening fridge, assisting with ingredients)
  • Cleaning (sweeping, wiping down table, dusting, throwing out trash)
  • Laundry (sorting, folding, putting in washer/dryer)
  • Getting ready (putting on shoes, brushing teeth, combing hair) 


Phone: 248-444-1557


Hi, thank you for being patient with me! I am slowly putting together our classroom website and updating our Schoology page, to make it easy on all of us. 🙂

As you can see, our Zoom link can be accessed through Google Calendar, Schoology, and here on our website.

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