Week of November 6-10

4th grade Spelling words (words with /cher/):  voucher, stretcher, bleacher, catcher, butcher, teacher, rancher, preacher, marcher, watcher

Content words:  round, estimate, nearest, closer, number line

5th grade Spelling words  (/r/ syllables):  interpret, compartment, temperature, warrior, separate, partnership, factoring, terribly, volunteer, purpose

Content words:  chronological, problem, solution, conduct, structure


4th graders will work with Mr. Stinson every Wednesday and Friday on their recorders starting this week.  Please remember to bring your recorder and book to school every Wednesday and Friday.

Reminder that there is NO school tomorrow (Tuesday, November 7th) due to Election Day.

Please remember to check and sign your child’s Student Planner EVERY night.  This is an important tool of communication so you know what your child’s homework is every night and where important reminders are written down.

The following families have Parent Teacher Conferences this THURSDAY, November 9th:

4:00  Abdu

4:15  Sarah

4:30  Lorenzo

4:45  Arianna

5:00  Tiffany

5:15   Elana

5:30  Peighton

5:45  Larissa

6:00  Matt

6:15  Ahmad

6:30  Xayne

Please be polite and arrive at your scheduled time.  If you are late, you will have to wait until there is an opening in the schedule.  Parents will receive their child’s report card at parent teacher conferences.

Congratulations to the class for filling the Marble Jar.  We will have our first Marble Jar Celebration this Wednesday afternoon.


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