Senior Drive Thru Date Change

Class of 2020 Parents and Students, 

Due to the weather forecast for tomorrow, we are rescheduling the Cap and Gown and other item pick ups to this Friday, May 22nd from 1-5 pm. 

There will be no on-site cap, gown, and tassel sales. If you still need those items, you have to go to and order them by 5:00 pm Wednesday May 20th in order for them to be ready for Friday. On-site sales will occur sometime during the week of June 1st.

We have added textbook, library, and chromebook drop off to Friday. If you have any books or a borrowed chromebook, please plan on returning them when you come to get your cap and gown this Friday. I’ve included the important points from the last message sent.

  1. Time Slots, please arrive during the time given based on your last name
  • 1-2:00: A-Bastine
  • 2-3:00: Baydoun-Hafez
  • 3-4:00: Haidar-M
  • 4-5:00: N-Z
  1. Parents must accompany students; you must have a parent with you.
  2. Students will stay in their vehicles at all times.
  3. Make sure your name is visible from the outside of the car by placing your name on the passenger window.
  4. Open trunk upon entering the circle drive for items to be placed in there.
  5. Feel free to decorate your cars.
  6. If you have a library book, you can bring it on this day or wait until a senior drop off day is announced for everything else. We will have another day scheduled for all returnable items.
  7. Yearbooks will be for sale if you still need one for 80 dollars.
  8. If you have any fines, you will need to make arrangements to pay for those prior to getting your cap and gown.
  9. Bring any textbooks, library books, or chromebooks to the school to drop them.


Mr. Martin

Dealing With Stress & Anxiety

We know the outbreak of COVID-19 can be stressful and cause fear and anxiety for people. These feelings during an infectious disease outbreak are normal and common. But there are things you can do to support yourself, friends and family members. By working together, you can cope with the stress which will make you and your loved ones stronger.

Stress during an infectious disease outbreak can include

  • Fear & worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones.
  • Changes in sleep or eating patterns.
  • Difficulty sleep or concentrating.
  • Changes in mood and coping skills.

Things you can do to support yourself

  • Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media.  Repeatedly hearing about the pandemic can be upsetting.
  • Take care of your body.  Take deep breaths, stretch and/or meditate. Try to eat healthy, and maintain a daily routine.

Other suggestions include:

  • Practice relaxation techniques (see attached).
  • Reach out to the DHS school social workers by email to set up a time to  talk (Lisa Cunningham, Lauren Rouff, Stacy Rumler) or call the Dearborn Schools Social Emotional Support line at, 313-827-8500.  In crisis/distress you can also call or text at: 1-800-273-8255/Text ‘Talk’ to 741741
  • Journal, listen to music, make art, and/or read. Do something you enjoy or have not had time for.
  • Take a walk or  run while maintaining safe distances from others.
  • If you have come across a great resource please share it.

Info From Mr. Martin!

3/22/2020: Information from Mr. Martin:
10-12:00 pm Mon-Friday Food pick-up at DHS
Chromebook pickup Tuesday, March 24th from 10-12:00 pm at DHS
Video to parents/students:

Information from Ms Shaw:
As we are not sure if the work you do online will be counted, I will continue to put complete or incomplete on MiStar for each assignment. Please keep up with the “enrichment” work to keep up your ASL and/or computer skills.
Sure do miss you all! ~Ms. Shaw XOXO



If any student needs a chromebook and/or internet to complete online work from classes while at home, please send me an email back ASAP. 


Student’s First and Last Name

Student ID number (if you have it- if not, I can look it up)

Mr. Martin is compiling a list so we can get students chromebooks to borrow while at home.

We would like the names by Wednesday. Please send me the info as soon as you can.

Thank You, 

Ms. Shaw 

Important Information

Hi My Beautiful Students!
Well, here we are…when I talked about virtual/on-line learning in class on Wednesday and Thursday, I really never knew it would happen so fast!
First- I pray all you, your family, and friends stay healthy!
Second- YOUR Deaf President Now ASSIGNMENT IS STILL DUE ON MONDAY (I hear you groaning) 😉
Third-I will posting a few assignments a week to be completed and uploaded by you on Google Classroom. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE IN OUR CLASS THAT DOES NOT HAVE TECHNOLOGY/INTERNET TO DO ON-LINE WORK AND UPLOADS-PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP. Usually most all the work can be done on the phone as well.

Love you all- please be safe!
~Ms. Shaw

This is an email that went out to all your parents- please share with them if they didn’t get it.

DHS Virtual Learning

Adam Martin via
10:39 AM


I’m hoping this finds you as well as possible given the current circumstances. As you know, Dearborn Public Schools will not resume meeting face to face with students until April 13th. It is imperative that for the next 4 weeks that you are checking emails regularly and please encourage your students to check their school gmail accounts.

Last week, we began discussing how we could continue providing learning opportunities should extended school closings happen. We spent time yesterday and today working on how to best make this work, and I feel confident in our team of teachers that they have developed not only quality learning opportunities, but well thought out ways to communicate and support learning.

Beginning this Monday, teachers will be contacting all students in an effort to open lines of communication, share the way in which virtual learning will happen, and begin teaching and learning. It is our expectation that every student will check in with all their teachers daily and that the work that is assigned gets turned in electronically by the due dates.

Please be on the lookout for emails, Remind, Google Classroom invites and updates, iLearn assignments, iBlog posts, and any other way that your children’s teachers typically communicate with you.

There are many things still undecided, but we will update you as those decisions or changes get made. Thank you all for your gracious support and understanding as we move towards a virtual learning experience.

Mr. Martin

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Update for ASL 1/ASL 2 and Computer Apps…

I have changed to Google Classroom this semester. If a parent/guardian would like to join our Google Classroom, please email me ( I can invite you by email to the Google Classroom. Google Classroom has been an amazing way for me to communicate to students, list our daily work, and an easy way to for student to upload ASL videos!