There are only 10 words this week because we will practice writing each word in print and cursive.


2. tight

3. might

4. fight

5. sight

6. right

7. bright

8. delight

9. slight

10. blight

MSTEP Testing


M-STEP testing will begin this week. Here are the dates:

  • Tuesday, May 2nd ELA – a few students will take it using paper/pencil
  • Wednesday, May 3 ELA-most students take it online
  • Tuesday, May 8th MATH-all students take math

M-STEP Reminders:

  • Go to bed early. Getting a good night’s rest is important!
  • Eat a good breakfast! You need all the energy you can get to do well.
  • Be sure you come to school on time.
  • The M-STEP test is untimed. Encourage your child to take their time and read and answer each question carefully.
  • There will be limited homework during the weeks of M-STEP testing.  
  • Students may bring a healthy snack if they wish.

Class Updates 4/23

It looks like we will finally have warmer weather and sunshine this week!  I hope this means Spring is finally here in Michigan! Here are a few class updates.

  • Third graders will begin MSTEP testing the first week of May. They will take Math and ELA. MSTEP will ask questions that we have been learning about all year, so it is a good idea to review concepts we have learned such as finding area and perimeter, subtraction with borrowing, two step story problems, elapsed time and fractions. In ELA, students need to continue close reading strategies and just reading as much as they can. Please stress that any articles that come home for homework need to be read carefully. Students have been answering questions without using exact examples or evidence from the text. We have been working hard everyday practicing sample questions and using this website to review MSTEP based questions:
    • https://wbte.drcedirect.com/MI/portals/mi/
  • Field Day is May 4th! I will be sending home a note on Monday that needs to be signed explaining how students must earn a certain number of points to attend Field Day. We will also have other end of year events but the dates are yet to be determined. However, we will continue the point system in order for students to earn all end of year events.
  • Our field trip to Lansing was a success! Thank you to all the parents who attended! The kids enjoyed learning about their government as we begin learning about it in social studies!


Spelling for the week: Irregular Plurals

knife, knives, leaf, leaves, child, children, tooth, teeth, mouse, mice, wolf, wolves, scarf, scarves, shelf, shelves, goose, geese, loaf, loaves




Spelling for April 9th

Multisyllabic /le/

1. tickle

2. puddle

3. able

4. bubble

5. riddle

6. pickle

7. giggle

8. middle

9. table

10. scribble

11. fraction

12. part

13. whole

14. government

15. laws

Spelling for March 12th

/ere/ and /ier/ pattern

1. messier

2. cashier





7. carrier

8. copier


10. crier

11. parallel

12. rectangle

13. trapezoid

14. triangle

15. pentagon