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New and Improved

New Books lined up on top of a book shelf

We have several new things happening in the new year at Salina Intermediate media center. First of all, many of the books students have requested have come in. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy every book students ask for, either because of inappropriate content or, just lack of money. I was able to get many of the items and series that were requested. We have the Maximum Ride graphic novel series, several new Naruto and Baruto graphic novels, as well as many of the recent Newbury award winners.

book lockerAnother exciting addition is the new book locker in the community center. Students and parents alike will be able to borrow books from the Dearborn Public Library system and get them delivered to this book locker. The locker will only open with the barcode of the library card of the person who requested the book. there is also a book return bin so that books can be returned at the community center as well. I have waited many years to see this collaboration between the school system and the public library system. This will give Salina students and their parents access to many materials that I could not begin to afford for the school library.

Hour of Code

The first week of December is Hour of Code. If you are a student, log in with Clever from Dearborn Schools homepage. Mrs. Alvarado will give you your class code to join the proper level. The general code for my section for Salina Intermediate is XYKGMF, but other teachers may have a specific code for their group. If you are a parent or other interested adult, you can try it, too at It is free to all users.

Minecraft Hour of code