Remote Learning Information and Classroom Updates

With the introduction of the new remote learning plan: all of our classes have moved to Google Classroom for the remainder of the school year. Pertinent information for AP Government and World History courses are posted there. When your child signs up using the code, you are also able to link their accounts to your email as well. There was also a recent mass email I sent to all families regarding these recent changes. Please visit the district website for a detailed description of the remote learning plan. One of the most important aspects includes the fact that assignments now count toward receiving course credit for second semester. Please contact me by email at regarding your child’s progress or any other questions/concerns.

Codes per hour:

1st Hour: 35jjpwp

2nd Hour: sxlvja4

4th Hour: fyqq37s

5th Hour: prgjxyq

6th Hour: u2ugc2b

World History Weekly Update 4-13

Hi! Miss you all a bunch=]

With that being said, we will have our long overdue Google Meet as a class Thursday April 16th 8 to 9PM. WORLD HISTORY ONLY. If that does not work for you, let me know and we can schedule another one in the morning/afternoon hours. I will send a link via remind a few minutes before on Thursday for you to access. Any computer or basic smartphone should be able to open the link just fine. I have done numerous of these myself, so no more technical issues, promise!

In terms of enrichment activities, I will have a few things for us to discuss and complete during the meeting. I might be able to answer some of the questions you might have about school/grading, but more importantly I hope to catch up with you and see how you are all doing!

I downloaded this thing called Tik-Tok on my phone but I just like to watch the videos.

AP Government Assignments Until May 11th

Grading Policy: (TBD) To be decided, based on district/school level decision. I will then update this tab accordingly. IF we move toward traditional grading, I will mark everything under assignments in the gradebook to count.

Google Classroom: For the duration of the school year we will move to Google Classroom. This will make it easier to submit and for me to give feedback on your Concept Applications and Argumentative Essays. All other AP related questions please refer to the previous post.

1st Hour: 35jjpwp

2nd Hour: sxlvja4

4th Hour: fyqq37s

6th Hour: u2ugc2b

Assignments: (****Please go to Google Classroom for copies of the Concept Applications, Argumentative Essays and all other files****)

Due Wednesday April 15th: All students are required to sign-up for Google Classroom. We will likely not be using AP Classroom again but still remember your username/password for May.

Due Friday April 17th: Sign up for StudyEdge. This is a self-paced review resource that will help you improve your FRQ skills. We will use this more into April too. Our passcode will be posted on Google Classroom and Remind. The following sections contain prompts and video answer explanations for Concept Application. All sections align to Units 1-3 material as well.

  • Section 12 – Congress (FRQ 1)
  • Section 13 – The Presidency (FRQ 1)
  • Section 14 – Bureaucracy (FRQ 1)
  • Section 9 – Interest Groups (FRQ 1)

Due Friday April 17th: Complete Argumentative Essay #1. You may type on computer or write out on paper and submit via picture on Google Classroom. I will provide feedback in a timely manner.

Due Wednesday April 22: Letter from a Birmingham Jail – Analytical Reading (PDF pages 4-7). Type out all answers to “Source Questions” only and submit on Google Classroom. Here is a YouTube video I recommend viewing to help with the reading. This was the last foundational document for the year we did not get to.

Due Friday April 24th: Complete Concept Application #1. You may type on a computer or write out on paper and submit via picture on Google Classroom. I will provide feedback in a timely manner.

Due Wednesday April 29th: All AP Gov students must have logged in at least 5 times into StudyEdge and completed practice of at least 3 FRQs including watching answer key video.

Due Friday May 1st: Complete Argumentative Essay #2. You may type on a computer or write out on paper and submit via picture on Google Classroom. I will provide feedback in a timely manner.

Due Tuesday May 5th: Complete Concept Application #2. You may type on a computer or write out on paper and submit via picture on Google Classroom. I will provide feedback in a timely manner.

Sunday May 10th Time (TBD): Required attendance Google Meet final exam study session.

Monday May 11th 4PM EST: AP Gov Official Exam “at home” – More info coming soon…


There are a wide variety of resources and review material that will be posted on Google Classroom

AP Gov. Exam Updates

General Testing Protocols:

  1. Submissions will be either: typed on a computer, or handwritten, then photographed and uploaded on a phone
  2. Other option: open test on computer, write response on paper, photograph on mobile device, copy to computer, upload on computer
  3. Test responses must be uploaded from the same device the question is accessed from
  4. Strict time format will be enforced, more on that below…
  5. You must be present at the designated date/time as identified in the calendar below. Only our AP coordinator/administration can approve a “make-up” test date during that June 1-5 period.

Protocols For Potential Cheating:

1. To access exam, there will be questions that show who you are not an impersonator. Make sure you know YOUR demographic information and College Board login

2. If caught cheating, this information will be sent to ALL colleges they have applied to using AP or SAT

3. Submissions are scanned by plagiarism software to compare to other submissions and internet sites. Copy/pasting NOT a good idea.

4. Copies of the AP Tests will be sent to AP teachers by May 26th. This would allow them to be graded as a final exam if so desired by teachers. I would like to do this, but that depends on what our district decides. This also allows me to check your work and ensure it matches your writing style and skill level. I would be the one grading those initial copies as you won’t get your formal AP scores until July/August.

5.  College Board is assuming students will be accessing their own notes/flashcards/textbooks/general internet search- that is ALLOWED, they just cannot work with other students/people.  Tests will not be just information you can “look up” online, all applied work that requires deeper thinking.

World History Week 3

Hi! Make sure to check your gradebook. I submitted all of your previous enrichment work as completed or not completed. As you know, I cannot actually grade it, but maybe seeing some “incompletes” will encourage many of you to head in a better direction next time around. Of course if there are personal or tech issues, please let me know so I can provide assistance where possible. The number of students communicating with me is growing smaller by the week, so I will continue to try and provide the most engaging learning possible. In addition, I will reach out individually to make sure everything is alright.

We will be doing THREE cool things this week!

  1. We will be playing a history and random fun question Kahoot on Wednesday April 1st at noon. I will send the link on remind shortly before and will give you around 5 or so minutes to join. Winner gets bragging rights. Hope you can make it! If we get enough participation, maybe we can try for a Google Video Meet after spring break!?
  2. I have assigned a video on EdPuzzle dealing with the Silk Road. When I think back to the most important concepts from Semester 1, the Silk Road definitely comes to mind. It is a great overarching term that connects trade, religion, and cultural diffusion to everything we have learned this semester. This video has the recommended due date of Saturday April 4th. MOST of you already have signed up for EdPuzzle but if not follow these directions: Click this link and proceed to sign in with your Dearborn gmail to join the course. Under “Due Assignments” you should easily see the video to view and answer questions as you are watching.
  3. Go to . Go to anywhere in the world other than the United States. Take the little yellow/orange icon in the bottom right hand corner and place it anywhere in the world where blue dots or lines appear. Then you will be in Google Street View. Explore that function of Google Maps. When you find an APPROPRIATE visual take a screenshot of your page if possible (hold the ctrl, shift, alt, and PrtSc all at the same time) and paste it into our Padlet, or save picture as image and insert it into our Padlet. You can also just take a picture with your phone and upload it as well. If you cannot screenshot it, just describe the picture in text in your post by answering the following questions. PADLET PASSWORD IS ON REMIND.
  • What country does this take place?
  • What is the climate like? How do you know?
  • What activity is occurring? EXPLAIN
  • Would you want to live there why/why not?
  • Provide an additional comment/question of your own…

AP Government Week 3

If you have not done so please complete Unit 3 FRQ A (SCOTUS Compare) and Unit 3 MCQ (Multiple Choice) on AP Classroom. I have posted the assignments as completed or not completed in the grade book. However, as you know they cannot be actually graded at this time. I have provided scores and direct feedback for all Unit 3 FRQs. ALL multiple choice questions are open to all units with feedback given after submission as well.

This coming Friday April 3rd we will learn testing dates, FRQ information, and any additional information regarding your “at home” AP exams.

The College Board has live AP webinars hosted by expert teachers for all your courses. Check it out here!

Your THREE assignments in AP Classroom have the recommended due date of Friday April 3rd and are as follows:

  • Unit 4 Progress Check FRQ (3 total) 1. Concept Application 2. Quantitative Analysis 3. Quantitative Analysis

Unit 4 might be not be on the AP exam but the skills it utilizes are important and very applicable. A few of you have already completed Unit 4 so you are all set. Move on and sign up for StudyEdge below or additional exam review resources previously posted.

Finally, by Monday April 13th please sign up for Study Edge it will be utilized as feedback/grade when possible as a alternate to AP Classroom. I will send out the code on remind. It has fill-in the blank video study guides and video explanations of all four FRQ styles.

Reminders on Communication and Feedback

*Note* If it is your first time on the iBlog move a couple posts down for pertinent information regarding World History and AP Government activities.

At this point I have established communication with the vast majority of my 140+ students. For the small minority, it is absolutely vital you subscribe to the remind and are able to receive messages from me. I try my best to send a remind daily and update the iBlog every few days. Please click the remind tab to sign up. If remind does not work, please try email and consult with me or a school official if a technology issue exists. I will respond to all communication within the same day and no more than 24 hours later. Now However, we must move toward establishing some routines for providing feedback in the weeks head.

AP Government: Everything we are doing now is about prepping for your AP Gov exam in May. As we wait for official directive from the College Board (April 3rd), I have assigned a few tasks in AP Classroom to help get ready for the Free Response Question (FRQ) only exam. As of today (3-24) I have finished grading all submitted Unit 3 FRQ A SCOTUS Compares. You should have received a score and FEEDBACK from me in a visual that looks like this below. Please communicate with me if you have any follow up questions regarding my input. These adjustments will pay off come exam time.

World History: All students who have turned in the WW1 anticipation guide should have received an email reply from me regarding their submission. A vast majority of them were in excellent shape. Good job! I will also begin replying to your Padlet posts that were directed in our Week 2 post. It should be a fun assignment, I want to see more of you participate!

World History Week 2 Update

Hi students/families,

Please message me on remind or email if you want to talk. I am here for any type of support you might need. At this point, I imagine you heard the following news: Future assignments posted by your teachers are enrichment only, meaning they cannot be graded in the grade-book. This mainly because of issues of technology/etc equity between our diverse student population and a recent state ruling as well. Future changes are likely to occur and will be communicated by our district to you. With that being said, I hope you will continue to seek to complete the enrichment activities I post. From this point forward, I will be scaling back the content I post and focusing on general social studies activities that can support a full scope of deep thinking. Let me know if you have any questions!

Week 2 Enrichment


(1) Provide your commentary (I think… I wonder… I believe…) to the famous historical quotes below. Pick 3 out of the 10 and use the following prompts to complete your thinking. What do you think they are trying to say? What are some examples you can think of? If you do not know what a word means what will you do to try and find out?

(2) Submit your full typed responses by clicking our PADLET and begin your response by also clicking the pink plus button in the bottom right hand corner. Make sure to include your name in your typed response. This link will be password protected for privacy concerns. I will send the password out on remind Sunday/Monday.

(3) Optional: Take a picture of yourself, pet, family, or whatever you please and upload it with your response. Be goofy, be creative, I just want to see how you are doing 🙂 I am sure your fellow classmates feel the same way!! I will provide an example to model in the padlet.

1. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. -George Santayana
2. “There are two kinds of historians, parachutists and truffle hunters”. –Brian Fagan
3. “To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty, but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness. What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places—and there are so many—where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction”. –Howard Zinn
4. “History is fables agreed upon”. –Voltaire
5. “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that History has to teach”. – Aldous Huxley
6. “There is a history in all men’s lives”. – William Shakespeare
7. “Historians should use hedging language such as, “I suspect, I suppose, and we speculate”, instead of from the perspective of absolute fact. Textbooks write from the position of absolute fact”- Bob Bain
8. “It would be better not to know so many things than to know so many things that are not so” -Josh Billings
9. “Concealment of the historical truth is a crime against the people” -Gen. Ptero G. Grigorenko
10. “Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat the eleventh grade”- James W. Loewen

AP Government Update

As always I hope everyone is doing healthy, doing well, and enjoying time with family. This is going to be a big update, so make sure to read everything below in detail.

Please read here regarding the recent news the College Board released regarding AP Exams. This contains a lot of information that should answer most questions. To Summarize:

  • AP Gov. exam is now Free Response Question (FRQ) Only. No multiple Choice
  • The FRQ’s will be on material related to Units 1 through 3. Unit 4 and 5 content does not apply directly anymore. Although, Unit 4 and 5 stuff can always give you extra context when answering a free response question.
  • 45 minutes means it will be likely be 2 FRQs in some combination of either a SCOTUS Compare, Concept Application, or Quantitative Analysis. Maybe one big essay, but that is doubtful. We could learn more details on this by Friday April 3rd.

Visual Summary of New Changes

Assignments and Preparation

Optional: Enrichment/review for Units 1-3 on Khan Academy is now assigned. AP Classroom’s multiple choice questions are also all available for your use and feedback. Content knowledge is still important for answering these FRQs, especially with regarding our 15 court cases. In addition, I will also see what additional web resources are available to help in the weeks ahead. Lastly, do not forget about your extra credit review books from semester 1. These contain plenty of examples of FRQs and answer keys for you to work with.

Required: When I say required, I mean most likely to help you do well on the AP Exam. I get that I cannot technically require anything right now. However, when it comes to the following activities (mostly FRQ based skills) I will be reaching out individually to ALL students to ensure they are able to participate. For AP Classroom, I will be giving feedback on your FRQ submissions. It looks like this on my end.

Required Skill Based Activities Due Dates:

  • AP Classroom: Unit 3 Check: FRQ Part A (Due 3-27)
  • AP Classroom: Unit 3 Progress Check MCQ (This multiple choice will help with SCOTUS Compare, so still should be completed) (Due 3-27)
  • More on the way soon…no more than 1-2 tasks a week.


4 Civil Liberties SCOTUS Compares and Answer Key: ***I have fully released the recent SCOTUS compares we did in class with teacher samples as reference.***

15 Supreme Court Cases Quizlet

1 Page Supreme Court Summaries

SCOTUS Compare 3C Cheat Sheet

Mr. Beat Videos

9 Foundational Documents Cheat Sheet

9 Foundational Document Quizlet

Online Study Guides

StudyEdge – normally costs $95 a year. Now it is temporarily free given the current situation. They have an excellent AP Gov course with all types of practice. However, they are unique in that they have FRQs with detailed video explanations. I will likely assign FRQs from this source, once the AP exam details are finalized. Click HERE for directions to register for access ahead of time. Message me for our class code. I will also send it out on remind at some point.

Albert IO – this resource is also free as of right now. I am in the middle of getting us codes.