Final AP Government Info

We will likely have numerous absences today. Please read this message for info regarding your AP Gov exam this coming Monday. Good luck! and see you Tuesday in class for debrief.

I passed out two final help sheets today. In my view, the best summary of foundational documents and help for letter (C) for the SCOTUS compare.

FRQ 3 Letter C Cheat Sheet

Foundational Documents Summaries

Best Quizlet Yet 200+ Terms

Report Time: Please report to the Michael Berry Lecture Hall by 7AM for pre-administration. Test will begin at 8AM sharp and end at around noon. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from.

The following is also a reminder from Ms. Fawaz:

  • AP Exam Security Policies and Procedures will be adhered to at all times. Students who fail to comply or cause any disturbance will be dismissed from the exam.
  • Total exam time will be 4 hours including pre-exam bubbling, directions, testing and a break. Early dismissal is not an option.
  • BRING sharpened #2 pencils and regular black ink pens. highlighters are not permitted.
  • ELECTRONIC DEVICES are not allowed at the exam site.  Leave your cell phones at home.
  • purses and/or backpacks are not allowed at the exam tables. Don’t bring them!
  • Students who TEST will be school-related for the entire school day.
  • wear layers. temperatures fluctuate throughout the day and are out of our control.
  • BRING AN approved calculator for the CHEM, STATS, CALC & BIO EXAMS.


World History: World War I Summative

World History students will be testing Thursday May 2nd on World War I. Review guides will be coming out early next week. In this unit, groups of students have simulated the alliance system by taking the role of a country. Next week, students will also complete a role play on the countries present at the Treaty of Versailles.  Students recently completed a cartoon assignment that summarized the main causes of WW1. We have continued working with our visual thinking skills in analyzing WW1 era propaganda techniques. In general, this is a very engaging unit that students have much interest in.

A student also shared with me an excellent youtube video/channel called “Oversimplified” that will help with review.

AP Gov. Exam Review Info

Important Dates:

Monday May 6th: AP Gov Exam: Time: 8am-12PM: Location: TBD (Probably HFC)

Sunday May 5th: Khan Academy Mastery Points Extra Credit Due (Amount TBD)

Thursday: May 2nd: Full Graded 55 Question MC Practice Exam (In Class)

Tuesday: April 30th: Supreme Court and Foundational Document Graded Matching Quiz (In Class)

Friday: April 26: Optional Extra Credit Barrons/ Princeton Review Book Due (10 Summative)

Helpful Links & Info:

Unit 1 Foundations of Democracy Quizlet Review

Unit 2 Interactions Among the Branches Quizlet Review

Unit 3 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Quizlet Review

Unit 4 American Political Ideologies and Beliefs Quizlet Review

Unit 5 Political Participation Quizlet Review

Quizlet all 15 SC and 9 Documents

Daily Review Texts Starts 4/21 (Text: @apgovexam To Phone Number: 81010)

Gallery Walk SC and Documents

  • At minimum students must memorize and apply the main idea of each of the 9 documents. Students must paraphrase key ideas and quotes.
  • At minimum students must memorize and apply constitutional clause, background of case, and holding/majority opinion of the case.

Document Cram/Review Packet (Given Out In Class)

Supreme Court 1 Page Summaries (Posted on Board)

All 9 Foundational Documents Full Readings (Given Out Throughout the Year)

Review Guide Vocab (Given Out In Class)


  • Most have not been passed out in class

26 Page Dynamic Review Guide

Larger Format Foundational Document Review

Excellent Youtube Review Channel (Carey LaManna)



AP Government Political Ideology

We are currently finishing up our last few units before May 6th’s exam. Today we studying the different type of political ideologies in our system. We will take THREE different political quizzes online in order to gain a better understanding of our own unique political identities.





AP Government:

Please complete the Civil Rights notes for Monday. They are posted in the AP Gov. tab. There will be an unannounced SOCTUS FRQ early next week. Review guides were passed out today for next week’s Civil Rights/Civil Liberties test (6th Hour testing on Wed) (3rd and 4th on Thursday). Afterwards, we will begin reading our final required foundational document, MLK’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Your review guide can be downloaded here.

World History:

We will begin Monday with a in depth primary source analysis of the Sepoy Mutiny. Students will continue utilizing reading strategies to identify key literary functions including author’s purpose and the usual Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning. Students will be writing an essay IN CLASS on Wednesday for around 20 summative points. Students will also be taking a multiple choice portion of the assessment on Friday. Review guide coming shortly…


Conferences are Wed. March 20th 4-7PM in the DHS cafeteria and gym. Hope to see you all there!

AP Government Meme Activity

Today you and a partner will create a meme that will demonstrate a proper understanding of a Civil Liberties related amendment. If you wish to pick another amendment I will allow it. Do not forget to create your own amendment scenario as well. PLEASE BE APPROPRIATE!

Post your memes and amendment scenarios in the Padlet link at the bottom.

National Constitution Center 

Make Meme Link

Our Class Padlet



World History: Your recently completed Reign of Terror DBQ essays are now posted. This semester we will continue working more closely with improving our writing and writing skills within the history discipline. Specifically, using historical thinking skills to analyze primary and secondary sources. The next coming few weeks we will be finishing our unit on the Industrial Revolution. In addition, we will be implementing a few games/simulations to help students truly understand the plight of many of these workers in society. The snow days have delayed a few assignments and progress in the course pacing. However, in the several weeks ahead we will continue forward learning more about Imperialism, World War I, and finishing the semester with World War 2.

AP Government: Students tested last week on a combined Judicial Branch/Bureaucracy unit. This week we will take a pause and practice some of the FRQ skills needed for May’s exam. Afterwards, we will be spending a big chunk of March studying the very relevant Civil Rights and Civil Liberties unit. Students can still purchase an AP review book for extra credit up until spring break. Please refer to the numerous resources available on the “AP Government” tab on the main page of the blog.