Upcoming Due Dates: AP Government

FYI We will not be testing again before Christmas break. The Congress unit will be embedded into our final exam.

Presidency FRQ Essay: Monday December 9th. Study materials including samples and rubric located in the AP Government tab.

Khan Academy: Congress Modules (10 Total) Due Tuesday December 17th 11:59PM

Congressional Guided Notes: Due Monday December 16th

Electoral College Debate

IMPORTANT: You will not know the side you are assigned until Thursday. So you must research both sides accordingly. We will prepare part of Tuesday and all of Wednesday. Full Debate on Thursday.

Materials: Please reference these four files below including the full directions.

Tuesday 12/3 Agenda AP Government

Please get into your CSPAN groups and read over the entireity of the former blog post with all competiton details and requirements. I will be using their rubric to grade yours accordingly.

Presidency Review Guide

Presidency Test Friday December 6th

Presidential Requirements for Role as Stated in Article II

Composition of who cabinet members are and their backgrounds

Electoral College (Numbers and who it helps/hurts)

Inherent Powers/Vested Clause – Article II

25th Amendment – Relevant Details and Use

22nd Amendment

Informal Powers (Next 4 Words below)

Bully Pullpit

Signing Statements – why a president would use it?

Executive Agreements – how they are different than treaties?

Executive Orders – Why a president would use it?

Federalist 70 – know some key quotes and main ideas as always. Understand its overall meaning. Will need to know for FRQ essay anyways

Pocket Veto

Formal Powers – Go over annotations I made in Article II with you in class. Stuff like commander in chief, impeachment and so one.

FYI: Expect to see more Charts/Graphs this time around. They will focus on the Presidency but practice those skills where you can. They are an important part of the MC questions overall. ALSO from now on there will be at least 2-3 questions from prior tests to make sure you are looping in review material.

Federalism Test Review Outline – Monday Nov. 11th

Extra: Friday SCOTUS Compare Cheat Sheet

Study Resources: Princeton Review Book/Khan Academy/Unit Notes

Key Goals: Be apply to use digital and print resources to decipher structure and patterns of AP style multiple choice questions. This was a factor we reflected upon from last unit assessment. Improve overall outcomes for upcoming assessment.

Checks and Balances


Separation of Powers

Federalist 51 Main Ideas

Block Grant

Categorical Grant

Concurrent/Reserved/Delegated Powers

Necessary and Proper Clause / Connection to Implied Powers

Commerce Clause

U.S. vs. Lopez

McCullough vs. Maryland


Cooperative Federalism

Update 10/30/19

AP Government: We are finishing up a current events day on Affirmative Action and additional misc. team building. We will continue our study of Federalism this week with a quiz on November 6th and a Federalism test on November 11th. Afterwards, we will continue with the presidency unit that was worked on during my extended absence. Students were also instructed about directions concerning the extra credit CSPAN video. More detailed directions in a posts several weeks ago below. Questions or concerns about course progress/achievement please let me know!

World History: I am currently in the middle grading the work students completed during my absence. Please check student connect for updates within the next few days. I am choosing to grade two assignments that deal with the Crusades and the Black Death. This is primarily because the assignments deal with primary sources and historical perspective. These are skills that will continue to be embedded in more frequency, as the course continues. We will spend the next 3-4 days reviewing the most important concepts student should have learned and addressing misconceptions before moving forward. Thus, starting next week we will formally begin our next unit on the Renaissance and Reformation. Students can expect their next summative test grade to involve the ideas from this unit. Test date (TBD) but highly likely mid-November.



Due to paternity leave, I will not be attending this fall’s conferences. However, I am available by email for any questions of concerns you might have regarding your child’s success in class.

Thank you,

Mr. Said

AP Gov Extended Assignments

See you in 3 weeks! All assignments are expected to be completed within that timeframe. You may complete in any order you prefer.

  1. Read and annotate Federalist #70. Follow the reading directions closely. Annotate each chunk at least once and then answer each question for the chunk located on the right side.
  2. Read and annotate Article II of the Constitution. (Should already be in your possession) This area pertains to the powers of the Presidency. I will go over it in more detail later, but focus on the explicit powers the presidency has and also the ones that enable the office to have “broad” powers.
  3. Complete the Presidency notes. You should already know how to do this one. Copy the power-point and all relevant info into your notebook OR use of flash cards. Notes are in the AP Government tab.
  4. Complete all assigned Khan Academy readings. These readings will involve the Presidency unit. Very relevant information. If you are not signed up yet, please go down a few posts to find our class code.
  5. 25th Amendment Current Event Article and Reflection on Padlet. Click first hyperlink for reading and second one for posting on Padlet. The annotations/reading directions are what you should post on Padlet with your name and hour.
  6. Login to AP Classroom and take the Unit 1 Practice Test. You might need to click on “full assignments” or the “AP classroom” tab to find the assessment. These questions cover everything we have learned so far minus the Presidency. Great review overall. This will not be counted as Summative in the grade book.
  7. Please bring extra assignments to work on from other classes. Many of you will finish early.

World History Mongol Quiz Friday 10-4-19

Your note outline will serve as your study guide. Around 10-12 multiple choice questions. If you were actively listening today I did drop a few helpful hints. However, if you have any questions you can always come see me in person. There are also a few assignments that should be completed as well for a formative work check in the next few days. Please go to the World History Access tab and World History Lecture Notes tab for more resources.

  1. Genghis Khan Intro Reading – From Newsela (remember your annotations and Words in Context that should be within it)
  2. Section 2 and 3 Reading Questions
  3. Mongol Mini Mapping Assignment