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Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

We are creatures of habit. We are comfortable doing what we know and what is familiar. We buck against change, stubbornly refuse to confront our discomfort, and become complacent. There is no room for that kind of attitude this year.

In his “Welcome Back!” message, Principal Martin shared his motto for the 2020-2021 school year: “Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable”. While considering how best to fulfill this challenge, I came across the following seven tips offered by Chris Dessi, a Green Beret, in order to help with the process of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  1. START – Teachers begin their professional development Thursday. Students start school this upcoming Monday. There is SO much we don’t know. While we are buffeted with a barrage of information, many of us still feel like we are in the dark. Ready or not, we all need to start somewhere.
  2. DON’T QUIT – I mean, technically, we have two choices – to make the best of this new situation, or to not. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t plan on quitting just because I am uncomfortable.
  3. PUSH YOURSELF PAST YOUR COMFORT ZONE – The majority of us are operating wildly outside our comfort zone. It is taking everything in me to avoid reciting a litany of cliches here – but think about where true growth/progress occurs? That’s right – outside our comfort zone.
  4. EMBRACE “THE SUCK” – The reality is … a lot has changed these past six months. For many of us, it has altered the very fabric of what we consider normal. The upcoming school year marks an unprecedented time in our professional and academic journeys. Embrace the fact that this is new for many of us and we are trying our best.
  5. BE AROUND LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE – You are not alone. None of us are. Find your network. It’s okay to mourn how you thought things were going to be. Complaining about how things are will do absolutely nothing to make things better. Surround yourself with people who remind you of what you should prioritize – students AND learning.
  6. RECOGNIZE YOUR IMPROVEMENTS – Progress takes times. Celebrate your achievements as they come. The baby learning to walk KNOWS that she’s on the right track because we celebrate her first steps; and, as a result, is willing to keep trying to find success. Sure, you might stumble more than you’d like, but don’t stop trying.
  7. RINSE. REPEAT. – As our football team touts, “Trust the process.” and, boy, is it a process. We are all entering the playing field with varying degrees of skill, comfort, and experience. Help where you can. Be patient, but proactive, and most importantly, keep moving forward.
Walt Disney Quote: “Keep Moving Forward.” (10 wallpapers) - Quotefancy

I am going to do my best to take these tips to heart, and I hope this blog gives you a framework to approach this year and its unique challenges. Looking forward to tackling the 2020-2021 school year together! Thanks for reading.- Mx. Sabbagh

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