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My Very First Teacher

For today’s Teacher Appreciation Week post, I wanted to take a moment to THANK my very first teacher, my Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there – your job is THE most important job out there! I appreciate you!

Mom is My First Teacher Quote SVG Cut (Graphic) by TheLucky ...
Mom is my first teacher.

I don’t know much about who my Mom was before she met my dad and had me.  Born in a small village in France, she was the oldest of seven – and the first girl.  Her mom would cut her hair boy-short, and she would tan really darkly in the summer.  I know she met my dad at a hospital when she was in nursing school – and that they had a whirlwind courtship before leaving France to come to The States.  I was born shortly after, and my Mom, in her accented English, said, “She’s blue.” when the doctor’s revealed me fresh from the womb (CW: I was born premature with the cord wrapped around my neck.)  The story continues with my dad saying that my little butt would fit in the palm of his hand, and that, when I was a little bit older, but still a baby, they would chew up pieces of steak and feed me (like a bird).  

My first word in French was “lumière” – which means light – and I can just picture my Mom, pointing at the light, and saying the word in French – with baby Sara waving her fist and staring at her with big, brown eyes. My Mom’s love for me was so fierce, it was practically tangible. My Mom would always share that becoming a mother was the best thing she ever did in life – and you could tell she meant it with every fiber of her being. 

As an adult, I can easily attribute the aspects of my personality and character that I got from my Mom.  It’s daunting to consider, but I am my Mom’s legacy – and I want to make her proud, more than anything in the world. 

My Mom and I

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  1. Jehan Jehan

    Omg so beautiful 🙏 she looks so tender like you

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