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Lunch Distribution

Lunch distribution today from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm at door number 16 on Bingham.  Each student will receive breakfast and lunch for an entire week. 

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Assessment Schedule

Students MUST wear a mask. Please enter through the main entrance doors. Please be prompt for scheduled appointment time!

Monday 9-14-20

12:15- Loay Abuhasna

12:45- Muna Alabed

1:15- Aleen Alwadi

1:45 – Wissal Alghaithy, Laylajane Almaliky

Tuesday 9-15-20

12:15- Aleen Bazzi

12:45- Stella Boyd

1:15- Ali Elmokdad, Ghadi Hammoud

1:45- Lareen Kandilelsayed, Alaa Mogalli

Wednesday 9-16-20

12:15- Gamal Muaydh

12:45- Haydar Saleh, Muhammad Schuman

1:15- Sumaya Shajrah, Adam Tarraf

1:45- Wedyan Toma

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Thursday’s Notes!

1- PLEASE make sure you get your student a pair of headphones to use during Zoom. Help to make sure these are plugged into the chromebook and functioning properly. Many families have background noise or other students in the household learning and this makes it VERY difficult for you child to focus on our lesson! A great place to find inexpensive headphones is the dollar store, gas stations, CVS, etc. If you need help finding headphones, please message me privately so I can assist.

2- SUPPLIES- I am noticing some students drawing on whiteboards or flipping through journals/workbooks during videos/stories/while I am speaking. This is not allowed. Students should only be using materials when directed, as their focus should remain on the lesson currently happening!

3- SNACK- I give snack time from 9:40-10:00. This is the time for your child to use the bathroom, HAVE A SNACK, take a play break. Please make sure snack is completed during this window (just like it would be in the classroom). Students should NOT be eating or drinking during the zoom lesson AT ALL. This is a distraction to their own learning and to the other students as well!

4- This week and next week- We will begin in person assessments in the afternoons (schedule coming soon). After our morning session on zoom- students will break for lunch recess from 11:05-11:40. After 11:40, students will begin their specials courses through schoology starting monday. From 11:45-12:20, students will need to complete their independent writing assignment. This can be found on schoology under the weeks folder and day of the week. All videos and read alouds used during the morning zoom class can be found here as well for reference. The daily special begins at 12:20 each day.

Below are the directions for finding daily ASSIGNMENTS on Schoology:Schoology-assignment-Cheat-SheetDownload

Below are the directions for logging on to ZOOM through Schoology:Schoology-Log-In-Cheat-Sheet-1Download

It is so important that your child has a chromebook. If you are still in need of a chromebook PLEASE message me so I can help you obtain one! Please do not hesitate to message me with questions on how to log into schoology or find the assignments. I am more than happy to help you the best I can! I appreciate you all for trying your best and staying patient with me and technology when things don’t go as planned! I apologize for the lack of audio on the video but thank you for letting me know so I could fix it quickly! I appreciate your help throughout this learning process.

Thank you,

Ms. Root

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Kindergarten Specials Schedule

Kindergarten Specials 12:20 – 1:14 pm

You will login to the specials through Schoology

Monday – Music

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – Gym

Thursday – Enrichment

Friday – Art

It is important that you sign into Schoology to access your student’s daily zoom meeting and assignments each day! Please follow the steps in the attached form on how to access Schoology!

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ZOOM link

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Wednesday Notes

Great job today! Everyone is getting the hang of logging on to zoom- including me! 🙂 Students are doing an awesome job at being in charge of pressing mute/unmute when called on! Way to go!

We will meet again tomorrow at 8:15! No school FRIDAY or MONDAY. Enjoy the long weekend 🙂

Next week we will resume on Tuesday at 8:15 am. Please be sure to be present on zoom after the lesson is over at 9:15am. I will hold an online orientation after for all parents so I can explain what we can expect this year and go over our daily schedule and expectations. Your child does not need to be present during this orientation. This would be a good time for them to have a snack/use the bathroom/move around! We will resume with learning around 10 after orientation to start our math lesson.

Materials/Supplies Distribution will be on Tuesday afternoon. I have created a schedule with a specific time allotted for each family that must be followed in order to practice social distancing. YOU MUST COME AT YOUR DESIGNATED PICK UP TIME. Please do not come at any other time other than when you are scheduled because other families will be picking up and everyone’s safety is our first priority!

This will be held outdoors at door #3 on Jonathon!

Masks MUST be worn to cover your mouth and nose!

Only ONE family member per student allowed at pick up!

We’ll talk more about this Tuesday during the zoom orientation at 9:15am.

Material/Supplies Pick up Schedule for Tuesday afternoon (9-8-20)

12:15- Muna Alabed, Wissal Alghaithy

12:30- Laylajane Almaliky, Aleen Bazzi

12:45- Stella Boyd, Ali Elmokdad

1:00- Ghadi Hammoud, Alaa Mogalli

1:15- Gamal Muaydh, Haydar Saleh

1:30- Muhammad Schuman, Sumaya Shajrah

1:45 – Adam Tarraf, Loay Abuhasna, Wedyan Toma

Lunch distribution for students will begin Tomorrow Thursday September 3rd, 2020 from 10:30-1:00 pm and Every Friday thereafter.* Next week will be on Friday September 11th. Location will be from Door # 16 off of Bingham Street 

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Lunch distribution at Lowrey

Lunch distribution for students will begin tomorrow, Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 from 10:30-1:00 pm and Every Friday thereafter.* Next week will be on Friday September 11th. Location will be from Door # 16 off of Bingham Street.

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ZOOM link for Weds. & Thurs.

See everyone at 8:15 am with a notebook, pencil and smile 🙂

Information regarding Schoology to follow.

Orientation/Material Pick up – to be determined.

Thank you for your time and patience. We are all navigating our new school life together 🙂

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ZOOM link for 9/1/20

Can’t wait to see everyone again at 8:15 am Tuesday morning!

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Welcome to Kindergarten 2020-2021

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