Battle of the Socks…. it’s on!!!

So, each year I try to have some sort of “Battle” with my students to help others in need.

This year we talked about the need for SOCKS.  We all hear about donating gloves and hats in the winter time, but how about peoples feet?  They get cold too!

SOCKS are the NUMBER ONE thing requested at homeless shelters. Think about it, we use our feet everyday, they take us places, right?

My challenge to my students is to donate as many NEW pairs of socks for homeless, which I will take to a local shelter.  The battle will go for two weeks. Ending on Thursday, 12/19/19.

Let’s help others out, by giving the gift of warm feet!

Together we can make a difference 🙂

Last year my students donated over 500 pairs of socks… Sarah set a goal this year. Lets see if we can meet her goal!

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Lesson 5-Solve Problems with Percent

Today (Thursday) we are starting a new Lesson. I will pass back the quizzes from Lesson 4 today. If you scored a 0,1 or 2 on the quiz, you can do “REFLECTIONS AND CORRECTIONS”.

You MUST print the page on the top of the blog and follow ALL directions in order to earn 1/2 of the points back. The “REFLECTIONS AND CORRECTIONS” are due on Friday.

We will continue through this Lesson through next week.