June 10, 2021

Dear Parent(s),

    We can’t believe the 2020-2021 school year is already coming to an end.  It has been such an honor teaching your children, and what a fantastic group of kids! 

     For the last day(s) of face to face school (Group A- Thursday, June 17th, and Group B- Friday, June 18th) we thought we would end the year with a fun Beach Day theme.

To do so, we need your help.  We are asking you to help your child dress for the day in fun beach gear (needs to be appropriate for school, so no bathing suits please), and to send them to school with the following items…

  1.  A beach towel
  2. A drink of choice (besides water if you choose) in a spill proof bottle please.  For example, Gatorade, pop, lemonade, etc…

     We wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU for being such a supportive group of parents.  Your children were a joy to teach.  We will be sad to say good-bye, but they can always come to visit us in our classrooms next year!  We will always be their teachers.  Have a great summer!

Katie Robins and Laura Polidori

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