Social Studies Test Unit 2

Yes!  All students finally completed the Social Studies Unit 2 Dearborn District Assessment.  Today your child brought home their Unit 2 assessment results.  Please look over your child’s score, sign the paper, and return it back to school as soon as you can.  This helps me to know that your saw your child’s grade.  I do pass these signed assessments back throughout the year.  Thanks again for your support!

Eureka Math Module 4 Lesson 4 Homework and Videos

Today your child brought home Eureka Math Module 4 Lesson 4 Homework.  Please have them complete the “Must Dos”.  The “Can Dos” are extra credit.  We will continue to practice these tape diagram and number bond strategies tomorrow.  Parents please take note that this is their first dip into using these strategies this way today. It may take practice to master these strategies.  Tomorrow when we check over the homework we will debrief about questions students have or about “a-ha” moments they had and would like to share.  Thanks for your continued support with this new program.  I am seeing wonderful things happening with student thinking and strategy use.

Eureka Math Module 4 Lesson 3 Homework

Parents today your child is bringing home homework for Module 4 Lesson 3.  They have problems they’ve circled that are Must Do’s”  and problems that aren’t circled that are “Can Do’s”.  Your child is expected to complete the “Must Do” problems, and can choose to have extra practice with the “Can Do” problems (these do not have to be completed).  If all “Can Do” problems are completed I will give your child extra credit.  It would be helpful to review the following videos before reviewing your child’s homework.  Thanks!

Leader in Me-Family Fills Emotional Bank Account Snowflake

Today your child is bringing home a snowflake.  Please discuss acts of kindness that you do for each other or for other people in your family.   Please have your child write that act of kindness on this snowflake.  Your child should decorate the snowflake, cut it out  and return it to me by Tuesday, 1/15/19.  These will be displayed and hung on the large pink emotional bank account pigs in the 1st grade hallway.  Again thanks for your help with this in advance!

Science Review and Test

Our next science test will be on Wednesday, January 16th.  Please use your child’s review, blue folder of classwork activities, and pages C6-C9 in their science book to help them study.  Please make sure that your child’s science book does come back to school daily.  We will need it for review also.  We are currently finishing up the end of the unit so please look in your child’s Everyday Folder Homework Pocket over the next couple of days for additional graded sheets that can also be used for review.  Thanks and happy studying!

Science Homework-How Is Water Used At Home and Interview

Today your child is bringing home science homework.  They are to write down the different ways they see water being used in their home, and then to tally mark each item if they see that way being used more than once. For example, they can write down brushing my teeth, and then put a tally next to this item when they observe it happening.  On the back of their homework, they are to interview an adult in their home about how they use water at work.  This homework is due next Tuesday, January 15th.  We will be sharing our findings aloud in class that day.  This activity will help your child prepare for their upcoming science test.  Thanks for your help and cooperation with this in advance.