Leadership Team Application

It’s that time… for your child to apply for a new leadership role.  Today students are picking a new leadership role.  As a leader, they need to fill out the Leadership Team Application (sending home today), and turn it in by no later than next Wednesday, March 27th.  Here is their chance to try a new leadership role.  Some students really like a leadership role that they have already tried, and are allowed to reapply for that leadership position too!  Please encourage your child to complete a Leadership Team Application.  It helps them to step up and take on a leadership role that is helpful to our classroom and school, and also helps them take  part in choosing a leadership role they would enjoy.   Please encourage them to write neatly, and to reread their written work before handing it in.  The goal is to get students started in their new leadership roles by next week.  If your child completes the Leadership Team Application early they may turn it in early.  Thanks for your support and help with this.

Social Studies Opinion Paper

On Monday, students will be bringing home an opinion paper they wrote for social studies.  We have worked on several opinion papers this year,  and have followed the same plan.   Students had to make a choice if they thought their community should buy a new police car or new playground equipment.

Once they made a choice, they were allowed to use a brainstorm list that we created together in class (attached to paper).  This list stated reasons why a new police car or new playground equipment  were a good choice for our community.  Students were also given the opportunity to come up with their own reasons to use outside this brainstorm list if they wanted.  They only needed to choose two reasons.  They were graded on whether they gave examples backing up their reason, and if they followed the writing plan of a good opinon paper.  It needed to have an intro, two reasons with an example for each, and a closing stating their opinion one more time.

I also modeled how to write an opinion paper in front of students so they could see and review the expectations with me.  The expectations I modeled were…

  1. that their opinion paper needed to have an introduction
  2. it needed to have two reasons with an example for each
  3.  a closing/ending sentence restating what their opinion was
  4.  I modeled how to reread written work to check in order to make sure that the writing makes sense
  5. and I also reviewed the importance of editing to check for correct punctuation, spelling of familiar spelling words and sight words, and starting sentences with capital letters (which we have been practicing all year in writers workshop).                                                                                                                   I am sending this paper home so you can look over your child’s paper with them.  I am asking you to talk with your child about their written work, and I am also sending this home to help you see what is expected of your child when completing their opinion response on their social studies review for the upcoming social studies test.    I hope you find it helpful.  Thanks!


Today your child will be bringing home a review to help them study for the upcoming Unit 3 Social Studies Test.  To help your child study for his or her test, please help your child to complete the review.  I will also be sending home a folder of graded papers and useful information that they can also use to help them study.  We are currently finishing up the end of the unit so please look in your child’s Everyday Folder Homework Pocket over the next couple of days for additional graded sheets that can also be used for review.  PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD RETURN THEIR COMPLETED REVIEW ON THE DAY OF OUR SOCIAL STUDIES UNIT 3 TEST.  The review counts towards your child’s homework grade.  OUR TEST WILL BE ON FRIDAY, MARCH 22ND.  Thanks so much!


Monday, March 18th is our Eureka Math Module 4 Assessment.  Please help your child to study by having him or her complete the review that was sent home earlier this week, review answers, and debrief/have discussions about problems on review to clear any misconceptions.  I will continue to review with students here in class too.  The review counts towards your child’s homework and is due on the day of the test which is Monday, March 18th.  Thanks, and I hope that you find the review helpful!  Go math!

You’re Invited!!! Letter in Everyday Folder!

Today this note came home with your child.  Here is a great opportunity for parents!!!


Hello Lindbergh Families, the Lindbergh resource staff is excited to offer a parent math meeting on Monday, March 18th from 4:00-5:00 pm.

We will be offering two sessions to target lower and upper elementary grades; one session will be for grade K-2, and the other will be for grades 3-5.

We will be discussing the Eureka math curriculum, and providing families with helpful resources and tips for at home implementation.

*A form will be sent to your email with a short survey and registration link following this letter.


We hope to see you there!

Eureka Math Module 5 Lesson 1 Homework and video

Today your child will be bringing home their Eureka Math Module 5 Lesson 1 Homework.  Please only have your child do the “must do” problems since they are also currently working on completing the Module 4 Review.  We are also continuing to review in class.  Today’s homework does support what they need to know for the upcoming test.  Thanks for your support in advance.