Reading 5-11 to 5-15-20

Complete three videos and comprehension questions for chapters 9, 10, & 11. Send me the answers to these comprehension questions by 5/17 on google docs.

Bud Not Buddy Chapter 9

Reading Comprehension Questions

1. What genre of books did Bud’s mother like?

2. What was the real reason Bud liked Civil War books?

3. Why did Bugs think ideas were like seeds?

Bud Not Buddy Chapter 10

Reading Comprehension Questions

1. What were the sounds Bud heard in the country?

2. How did the stranger convince Bud to come out of hiding?

3. What crazy thing did Bud do at the end of the chapter?

Bud Not Buddy Chapter 11

Reading Comprehension Questions

1. Why do you think Bud wanted to look at the man’s teeth?

2. What did the man say about Herman E. Calloway?

3. Why did Bud eat his apple really slowly?

4. Name the new characters introduced in chapter 11.

Writing 5-11 to 5-15

Your FINAL copy of your biography is due this week – 5/17.

HELP STRUCTURING YOUR BODY PARAGRAPHS FOR YOUR PAPER: Required Information Paragraph 1 – Early Life -Birthplace -Date of Birth -Parents’ names and occupation -Family – siblings, aunts, uncles, or cousins -Education -Important Events -Career -Personal Life Paragraph 2 Presidency -Political Life -Years in Office -Political Party -Vice President -Important Events -Famous People of the Time -Picture as the President Paragraph 3 – Later Years -Place of Residence -Place of Library -Activities -Date -Remembered for…

Completed Biography:  Worth 30 points.  

     1.  The paper has correct spelling, capitalization, and grammar
     2.  The student’s name, number and date are on the paper in the top right-hand corner
     3.  An opening HOOK sentence that explains why the person is so famous
     4.  A proper closing statement that gives value to your person’s life and accomplishments
     5.  Flow of your writing and paper are important
     6.  At least three paragraphs that compile your president’s early life, professional time in government and as president, and finally their live after presidency. Include birth, death, spouse, and children if applicable     7. Type should be Arial or Times New Roman Fonts.  Size of font should be size 12.

Math 5-11 to 5-15

Monday: Lesson 15:

Tuesday Lesson 16:

Wednesday Lesson 17:

Thursday Lesson 18:

Friday Lesson 19:

Science 5-11 to 5-15

The Sources of Ocean Plastics Pollution:

1. Define the words: responsibility, conscious.

2.  Use the following source to identify the main source of plastics in the ocean:

3. Now write a paragraph describing the sources of ocean plastics. Include the following information: Who is responsible for this? Analyze your responsibility in this pollution. What does your conscious tell you about this? How do you feel about single use plastics (use it once and throw it away) like straws? Who is, or should be, responsible for cleaning it up? What are 5 of the most shocking things you read in the article?


Social Studies 5-11 to 5-15-20

Continue working on last weeks assignments due this Friday.

You will be creating a Time line of the American Revolution on google slides, google doc, or PPT. Your knowledge and notes from the past few weeks will REALLY help you to do this. If you have been doing your weekly assignments, this assignment won’t take you long. If you skipped the work, this will take you AWHILE to do. You have two weeks. DO NOT PUT THIS OFF. You must include ALL OF the following events found here:  You will need to write a 1-paragraph summary for each of the 17 items (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) and accompany it with a picture you find on google images. Be sure to find and include a CORRECT picture. Also, you MUST include your dates on this google doc as it is still a TIMELINE. You will be numbering your items instead of placing them along a horizontal line.

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