Week of March 23rd

Please make sure you pace yourself and complete all of these assignments by Friday March 20th. I will be contacting parents via remind, or calling home if students are not completing assignments on google classroom. If you have any questions please contact me by emailing me at ridaf@dearbornschools.org or through remind. 


I have highlighted skills that you need to work on in Math, science and Social studies. Make sure you complete these tasks in your free time! When you log into Ixl these tasks will be starred.


  1. You will be assigned 2 Freckle articles ( Science Based) per week.  Must be completed by Friday. 
  2. Razkids.com- I passed out usernames and passwords last Wednesday.  If you don’t have it please contact me. Everyday you have to read the books assigned and answer the questions at the end.  Write down the questions and answers in your reading response notebooks.  You must be doing the writing response as well.  Teacher’s username for razkids is frida0.
  3. Reading logs: Please read 40 minutes every day from your library book and write a summary on google classroom.  Must be in your own words. 


  1. You will watch a video per lesson. The lessons are posted below.
  2.  Then go on zearn.org and complete the module 5 lesson 6 on Monday.  
  3. Then complete succeed book lessons.

Monday: Module 5 lesson 6:  https://youtu.be/x7Dh3YmJaII

Tuesday: Module 5 lesson 7: https://youtu.be/uFM2j-5_SMI

Wednesday: Module 5 lesson 8: https://youtu.be/_7r8caatsS8

Thursday: Module 5 lesson 9: https://youtu.be/22eYA_LbujM

Friday: Module 5 lesson 10: https://youtu.be/YZ_trkzh0cU

Social Studies

  1. Begin by watching the video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKNTBHmWOyA on the Proclamation of 1763.

Next, go to the following link to read about the Proclamation of 1763 https://www.history.com/topics/native-american-history/1763-proclamation-of – take notes.

Finally, take the quiz found at https://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/582b85d34c97496701fc57bc/proclamation-of-1763 for practice to test your knowledge.

Answer the questions:

  1. Who was Chief Pontiac
  2. How does his rebellion show a change in the relationship between Europeans and Native Americans?
  3. After reading pages 7-9 answer the questions: Who won? Why? Do you think the outcome was right, or fair? How do you think it should have ended?



1. Generation Genius Assignment – How Do We Use Food?

Click on the link below to view the generation genius video. Be sure to take notes while you watch to answer the lesson questions below. Watch the video as many times as you need to get all the complete answers you need. Turn in all your answers on one google doc by 3/29


What you will learn from this video

  • The food we eat gives our bodies energy.
  • Energy from our food actually comes from THE SUN!
  • The sun’s energy is transferred to plants & animals that become our food.

Assignment: Definitions, questions, and exit ticket can be answered on a single document on google docs. Copy the questions and answer in complete sentences.

Define the following words from the video:

  1. Food 
  2. Energy 
  3. Hunger 
  4. Oxidizer 
  5. Digestive System 
  6. Photosynthesis 
  7. Hydroponic Plant 

Answer the following questions from the video in complete sentences:

  1. How does your body turn food into energy?
  2. How is energy transferred from a plant to a person?
  3. Why is sunlight energy important? 
  4. What does food give us?
  5. How do plants and animals take in the food they need to survive? 
  6. How do we know that plants obtain materials needed for growth primarily from air and water.
  7. Why is it important to think about the types of foods you eat for energy?

Lesson Exit Ticket questions to answer in complete sentence:

  1. All the energy in food can be traced back to what?
  2. What are the 2 purposes of food in the human body?
  3. Why can’t humans live off a diet made entirely of sugar?

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