Ms. Debbie, our school secretary is retiring.

Please join us for Ms. Debbie’s retirement parade

Friday February 26th at 1:00 pm

You can make a good bye sign… Come honk your horns.

Pull up to the front of the school and wave to Ms. Debbie..

You must stay in your car, do not park your car and get out. We need to social distance.

See everyone on Friday…

Hybrid Letter

Dear River Oaks Community,

We are so excited to have our Rockets coming back to River Oaks!!! It has been almost a year since our students have been at the building to work on their academic and social development and it is time for them to come back 🙂  At the last board meeting it was decided that we will transition into the “Hybrid Model”. This means that we will have 2 cohorts of students;

  • Group A- comes to school from 9:40am-2:20pm on M/TH (2 days)** Lunch will be provided and we will follow the CDC and Wayne County Health Guidelines.  Group A-students will have their special area classes on days that they are not at school. The whole class will meet remotely on Wednesdays with their classroom teacher.
  • Group B- comes to school from 9:40am-2:20pm on Tues/Friday (2 days)**. Lunch will be provided and we will follow the CDC and Wayne County Health Guidelines. Group B students will have their special area classes on days that they are not at school. The whole class will meet remotely on Wednesdays with their classroom teacher.
  • Important- the classroom teacher will meet with students at home using zoom from 8:40am-9:05am on days that they are not at school. The classroom teacher will go over their content practice for the day, remind students about special area  classes for the day, and answer any questions students may have. Attendance will also be taken at this time for the asynchronous day. 
  • Both groups have live remote lessons on Wednesday with their classroom teacher.  (1 day)
  • River Oaks classroom teachers will post their A-Day and B-Day student schedules on their schoology page each week. 

Preparation for the Hybrid Model has taken place over the course of this school year. Our classrooms have been altered to align with the “National CDC Health Guidelines” and our school district has been working with the Wayne County Health department to make sure we have taken the correct steps to have our schools as safe as possible. 

At River Oaks we have been working extremely hard providing live instruction in the morning and offering learning labs in the afternoon that are specific to our students academic levels. To prepare for the Hybrid model groups, we looked at the following items; placing siblings together in the Dearborn High Feeder on the same days, planning for students that need support services, planning for students that need transportation, balancing numbers in the groups to align with national spacing guidelines, and looking for common levels amongst the students in the 2 groups. This process was very time consuming and making changes can cause a “domino effect”, so we ask that no changes are made during this hybrid transition period. My hope is that the Hybrid Model goes very well and we can be back to a normal 5 day week in the near future. We are all going to have to continue to work together to keep the levels low at our building and our students/staff/ and parents safe. 

Please remember to go over the “COVID Screening Questions- English or Arabic” with your student(s) each day and to keep them home if they have any symptoms.  

Additional resources from the school nurses click here.  

Thank you to all of our parents for everything that you have done over the last year to help with your student’s education! We appreciate your constant support and devotion 🙂

Mr. Martin

Benchmark Unit 2

Dear Family Member,

Welcome to our next unit of study, “Characters’ Actions and Reactions.” We are beginning our second unit of study in the Benchmark Advance program. As a reminder, each three-week unit features one topic. As with the previous unit, I am providing suggested activities you and your child can do together at home to build on the work we’re doing in class. In our second unit of study, “Characters’ Actions and Reactions,” your child will explore how characters drive the action of a plot. For example, in the story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is going to visit the Great Oz. During the journey, she discovers a scarecrow that can talk. Your child will also explore some of the messages in character-driven classic stories, such as the challenges of growing up and believing in oneself. This will help students begin thinking about how they come across as characters in their own lives, with actions and reactions similar to those of characters they read about. The selections include a variety of genres, such as fantasy, drama, a fable, and informational texts. I’m looking forward to this exciting unit, exploring with your children the wide range of characters we encounter in literature. It will be fun to discover how the children connect with the various characters as well as recognize the historical significance of some of our favorite children’s tales.As always, should you have any questions about our reading program or about your child’s progress, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


The weekly schedule is posted on schoology as well as the schedule for DRA testing. There are 32 students in our class so please make sure your child is on time for DRA zoom meetings. Thank you for your help!