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I just want you all to know how much I miss you!!! Hope you are enjoying your Spring Break! This short video was made with love and I hope you enjoy it.


Spring Break

We have made it to Spring Break!! Please take time to Sharpen your Saw and enjoy your time with family! No new work will be posted during this week, but if you are inclined to do any extra learning don’t forget there is Zearn, Raz-Kids, and additional websites we have posted on our blogs over the last 3 weeks.

Since this is also my Spring Break, I will be spending time with my family I will be unable to answer emails and reminds until April 13th. I hope this doesn’t cause any inconvenience. Please stay well, stay safe, and stay strong.

Take care!

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Lunch Doodles #13

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Google Classroom corrections!

I was able to unlock the Social Studies video on Needs and Wants (Thank you Mrs. Ackerman!)

In Math I admit I went to fast and needed to make corrections on #1 so please read the instruction section. Once an assignment is assigned I am not sure if I can delete and reinsert the answer key.

Again, thank you for your understanding!

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Lunch Doodles #12

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Go Noodle

At this tine go noodle created a student log in for free!!! If you feel you could use a little exercise or break feel free to use this and have fun!

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Lunch Doodles Episode #11

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DHS Lunches

I will be passing out school again today. I won’t be able to answer emails quickly.

Thank you for your understanding!

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Leader In Me

Sharpen the Saw

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More with Mo Episode #10

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