Important information for 2-26-21

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Dear Parents,

With a very heavy heart, earlier tonight you received an email from Ms. Tiba regarding information on Ms. Black. Due to the circumstances and the impact, ALL Lindbergh Elementary classes will have an asynchronous day tomorrow, Friday, February 26, 2021 with learning labs cancelled.  

Every assignment that your child needs to complete for tomorrow will be in one folder instead of separate subject folders.  As we have done in the past. You will find your child’s asynchronous assignments in Schoology under the folder labeled Lesson Plans for 02-26-21.

If your child was scheduled to come in for face to face Learning Labs please notify me by email that you received this email and are aware they are not to come in tomorrow.  

We appreciate your patience and kindness while we work through this loss.   

Thanks so much, and take care.  

Mrs. Robins and 

Miss Polidori

Reminder Material Pick up #5

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The time has come for us to do another material pick up day.  This should provide you with enough materials to get through at least the next few weeks.

We kindly ask that all visitors adhere to our safety protocols and practice social distancing.  We are asking that we limit the number of family members that come to pick up materials.  We are asking that only a parent come.  All families need to come wearing a mask and remain six feet away from others.  When you arrive at your child’s teacher table, only approach the table one at a time to pick-up materials.  Depending on weather we might meet you at the kindergarten door. After you get your materials, we request that you leave the playground.  Safety is our number one priority and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

Here are the Materials Pick Up times.  

2nd Grade Tuesday, January 26th

  • 2:30-2:50pm: Students whose last names begin with A-E.
  • 2:50-3:10pm: Students whose last names begin with F-M
  • 3:10-3:30pm: Students whose last names begin with N-Z

We are also requesting the Science books be returned (if you still have them).

We are also requesting any book bag/reading books/library books your child needs turned in.  

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding, 

Miss Polidori and 

Mrs. Robins 

NWEA Skills Testing

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Dear Parents,

Due to needing additional information some students will be taking additional sub tests in learning labs.  The subtests are shorter in length and measure specific skills.  We will be using the NWEA testing link as located in Schoology.

As students may or may not have completed the NWEA we do not have a list as of yet to let you know when we will test your child.

We will send you an email to let you know what the date will be.  They will be tested in the afternoon during Learning Labs.

Thank you for your cooperation, help and understanding as we are trying to get through all this together.

Miss Polidori 

Mrs. Robins

2nd Report Card Information!

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Dear Parents,

    The 2nd Report Card Marking Period is coming to a close.  All missing assignments are due no later than Sun. Jan. 17th.  This will give us time to grade all the work and transfer the grades into MiStar.  If you do not know what assignments your child is missing remember to go into Schoology, click on Grades in the left hand side column, click Elementary Marking Period 2, then click each subject to see what is missing and or incomplete.  If an assignment is missing it will have an orange hexagon, if it’s incomplete it will have a half an orange hexagon, if I haven’t graded it yet you will see an image of a blue paper colored in without a grade, if it is graded you will see a score.  This is where you will find everything you need to check on your child’s assignments.  

Remember all assignments are in Schoology if you need to click back and see what may have been completed but accidentally not submitted.

We hope that this helps, and thanks for your help in advance!

The 2nd grade team,

Mrs. Robins,

Miss Polidori

Schoology Gradebook

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I’m so happy to get emails regarding student work what has been turned in and not turned in. This weekend my furnace broke down and I spent the weekend with my mom whose internet is slow and was unable to correct anything this weekend.

So sorry I will be catching up this weekend.

Again, thank you for continuing to check!

NWEA Device Readiness

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This afternoon we will be checking to see if their device is ready and able to take the NWEA on the computer they are using. This will also be in our Schoology, NWEA folder if your child is unable to complete this with me. This information is also on the NWEA parent letter located on my blog. If your device is not compatible please contact the school office for a chromebook.