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Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to my awesome and generous class! I am so touched by the gifts and cards during teacher appreciation week. I appreciate all of your kindness and support this school year.

I would also like to thank the PTA for all of the wonderful surprises this past week, the coffee station, snack cart, breakfast, and all the kind words and so much more. I am so lucky to be at a school with so much kindness and support.

Medication in the office

Parents if your children have medicines in the office, please make sure to collect it by the last day of school, June 18th, 2021. If your children are staying for summer school, you will need to come into the office to sign a new form and make sure it’s not expired. 

Last Day Dismissal at 11:45am on 6-18-2021

The last day of the school year for 2020-21 is 6-18-2021, June 18th, 2021 with a half day and dismissal at 11:45am.

We want to wish everyone a safe and fun summer.

To our 5th grade graduates, we wish you all the best in you future school career. We hope you will always have fond memories of your Lindbergh years. Please come back to visit.

Best to you all!!!

Field Day 2021

Group A – Thursday, June 10 (rain day Mon. June 14) 

Group B – Friday, June 11 (rain day Tues. June 15) 

Dear Parents, 

We are excited to be able to end the year with a fun and safe FIELD DAY at Lindbergh. Here are the important details and changes we’d like you to know about: 

★ Field Day will occur in the afternoon, following lunch. Students will need their school supplies for morning work. 

★ Please send your student with a sack lunch (or plan for them to get school lunch) that day. Unfortunately, we cannot provide pizza and watermelon this year. ★ All students and staff will be wearing masks outside during activities. 

★ Teachers will lead the stations. There will be very limited parent volunteers. ★ Classes will be combined with their same grade level for games. 

(ex: all 1st grade classes will combine into one group to play together) 

★ Games will allow for physical distancing and there will be sanitizing stations. ★ The students WILL get wet. 

★ Field Day may be hot. Each student needs to bring or wear the following: 

○ Athletic Shoes (no sandals/boots) 

○ Hat (if desired) 

○ Water bottle (labeled) 

○ Sunscreen (applied before school. We cannot apply it for them.) 

○ Athletic wear in assigned class color (if possible) 

Y5s/K = blue 3rd = purple 

1st = red 4th = green 

2nd = yellow/orange 5th = class shirt 

Unfortunately, due to covid-19 guidelines and contact tracing we cannot allow parent volunteers or guests without prior permission. Thank you for your support in keeping our kids safe! If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Harvey at 


** Just for fun** May 26, 2021 Lunar Eclipse Info

When is it happening?


This lunar eclipse is happening in the early morning hours of Wednesday, May 26. These times are approximate; the exact time will vary depending on your location:

Moon starts to enter Earth’s shadowMoon totally in Earth’s shadow and is reddish-orangeMoon starts to leave Earth’s shadow
Eastern Time Zone4:47amMoon has set; it’s below the horizonMoon has set; it’s below the horizon
Central Time Zone3:47am6:11amMoon has set; it’s below the horizon
Mountain Time Zone2:47am5:11am5:26am
Pacific Time Zone1:47am4:11am4:26am

Who can see it?

As long as your local sky isn’t too cloudy that night, this lunar eclipse will be at least partially visible to most people in North America, South America, Oceania, as well as part of Asia. Here’s a map showing where it will be visible from:


How rare is this?

Total lunar eclipses happen about every two years–but that’s just an average. The last time a total lunar eclipse was visible from all of North America was two years ago, in 2019. In this year’s lunar eclipse, only the western parts of North America will be able to see the total lunar eclipse in the early morning hours; for the rest of the country, the moon will have already set. If you miss this one, don’t worry. There will be another lunar eclipse, visible in the evening hours, about a year from now.   

Do I need a telescope?

Not at all!  This is an astronomical treat that can be fully appreciated without the use of any telescope or binoculars. (That said, if you own a pair of binoculars or a small telescope, try it!  It’s always fun to see the moon up close, especially when it’s in full eclipse.)

Do we need special safety glasses?

Nope! Because this is a lunar eclipse, you’re only looking at the Moon, so there’s no risk of damaging your eyesight. (It’s a solar eclipse that you have to be more careful about.)

Why does the moon turn red?

That’s the subject of a special Mystery Doug mini-lesson

Other fun facts about lunar eclipses:

  • When you see the moon entering and exiting the Earth’s shadow, notice the shape of the Earth’s shadow–it’s curved!  This is one of the only times in life when you can directly experience with your own senses the fact that the Earth is round. 
  • No two lunar eclipses are exactly alike–the exact shade of reddish-orange color can vary a lot, depending on the amount of smoke or dust particles in Earth’s atmosphere. If there have been a lot of wildfires or volcanic eruptions, that will result in a deeper shade of red. If skies are clear, that will result in a less saturated, more grayish-brown colored Moon.
  • The reddish-orange color of the moon during a lunar eclipse is a result of reddish-orange light from the sunrises and sunsets happening on Earth at that time. So when you look at the Moon when it’s in total eclipse, in a very real way, you’re seeing the light of the sum of all sunrises and sunsets. (Whoa!)  To better understand why, see a special Mystery Doug mini-lesson.

Picture Retake Day!

Lifetouch will be here on May 26, 3 to 4 pm in the Media Center to do a retake for any students that missed out. All parents dropping off their students will need to wait outside. We can have the parents drop them at the front door so there is only one enter and exit point.

Math Module 7 Assessment

We will be taking our Unit 7 End of Math Module assessment this week on Wednesday, May 19th.  Please check your child’s work in Schoology to make sure their assignments for Math Module 7 are turned in.  We will be closing this module once done with the Module 7 test.  Thanks for your help with this in advance.  Take care.

Dress Like A Superhero Day!

I wanted to let you know that our celebration for dress like a superhero day will occur on Monday, May 24th (a day) and Tuesday, May 25th (b day).  Students and staff are welcome to dress as their favorite classic superhero, perhaps one of the heart heroes from our KHC event or get creative and come up with their own special unique superhero power and costume. I will be sending an email reminder out to families as well as discussing in PE this week.  Please spread the word!  I am excited to see the creativity next week!