Homework Grade


As I am getting ready for report cards I see many students are not turning in the Math homework.

Please check your child’s schoology to ensure they are turning in what is expected.

Thank you!

Spelling Tests


Parents, we will be trying our first ¨real” spelling test next week on Monday.  We will be testing students on Spelling Week #3 words that are in the Reading and Writing Benchmark folder in a spelling list folder.  I have showed your child where to find these words too.  You can either print them off or write them down.  Weekly lists will be added to this folder. We have reviewed and practiced these words all week.  They are not new to students. The pattern this week is long a words (a, ai, ay, ea, and a__e).  We will be giving groups of students the test after Special Classes on Monday.  Students that are not taking the test will be expected to be reading independently in the Waiting Room until they are pulled into my Zoom to take the test.  I will meet with all students right after their special area class to take attendance and then begin the testing. Thanks and I hope you find this helpful!

Face-to-Face Learning Labs put on hold!


Morning Lindbergh Community,

It was recently decided that Face-to-Face learning labs would be canceled given the current upward trend in cased both in Michigan as well as Dearborn. Our number one priority is the safety of our community of students, staff and parents. We continue to be hopeful that numbers begin to decrease so that F2F learning labs can reopen.

In the meantime, please note that all students that were attending Face-to-Face learning labs will now be doing so remotely through a Zoom link. The times and days should still be the same and the only change will be it is now virtual. Your child’s classroom teacher will be sharing any relevant or changing information with you.

Thank you for your continued support. Be safe!

Ms. Tiba

Social Studies


I made the Social Studies quiz an assignment in Schoology but used a different format (google) to create it. You may get a notice that your child did not complete it, it could be incorrect. I will add the scores into Schoology tonight so you can see their scores and hopefully not get another notification!

It is a lot of trial and error on my end so I am thankful when you point these issues out so I can learn from them!

Hope it didn’t stress anyone out!

Have a great evening!

Great Minds Scores!


Thank you to the parent who said they could not see their child’s math score! I found out how to view them!

Go into Schoology, then my course!

Click on the Math Topic Quiz,

Log into Great Minds, it will say no assignments!

On the left there should be an icon that says reports.

If you click on that you will be able to see your child’s Module 1 Test Score, and their Topic Quiz A/B. I will be closing Topic Quiz C/D tomorrow so you will not see that one.

I have also decided to wait until Monday for the Math Test because tomorrow is a 1/2 day for students!

If this does not work for some reason, please let me know!

Thank you!

Lesson Plan error


So sorry, teachers create lesson plans to keep up on track. They are usually not shared but in this time of Covid we are trying to help families know what lessons are coming up. I made a mistake on my lesson plan.

Today we are doing Lesson 10 (I left that off the plan). Tomorrow they will be taking the quiz. Not today!

If your child did not complete the Topic A/B quiz I will be closing that today!

Thank you for all you do!

Social Studies Quiz Oops!


Sorry about any confusion or undue stress. Somehow when we created the quiz we forgot to put in an answer for #10!

Do not worry we will check #10 on every quiz if your child got the correct answer (tree) they will get the 10th point.

Thank you for your understanding, have a great day!

Homework Questions


Homework can be found on the Weekly Lesson Plan that is provided weekly in Schoology.     It is printable too! You can find in the Weekly Lesson Plan folder. Students will have math daily. The math homework always correlates with the lesson on the plan.  So for example, if I teach Module 2 Lesson 5 on Monday the homework for Monday is Module 2 Lesson 5 in their succeed book (the book with the bed on the cover red on the side).  I also go over math homework with students daily. While testing students are doing all of the questions because they can do it during Learning Labs. Later, your child may circle problems those are the “Must Do” problems. That means they must do those problems and “Can Do” the problems that are not circled. If no problems are circled (like today) then they are expected to complete the whole page.

During Learning Labs (while testing is happening at school) students are also completing social studies. The video and lesson/activity are in Schoology in the social studies folder. You can find the assignment for your child by name or date. These assignments are to be completed during Learning Lab.  The social studies work is also posted on the Weekly Lesson Plan during Learning Labs time and reviewed with your child before they leave for Labs. Currently, there is also a social studies project that was given to your child to do. They can also do this during this time too! (The note for the project is in the blue folder your child received Monday. And will be posted in Schoology in the social studies folder too.

Second graders are also asked to read four to five days a week for 20 minutes. We currently do not have a reading log, but the expectation is there. Reading logs will come into place at a later date.

Students were also given zearn.com passwords and logins in their blue folders. This is a great place to help your child with their math.

I hope that you find this information helpful in regards to homework.

Thanks so much!

NWEA Testing


Dear Parents,

I have the rest of this week and next week to complete all Reading tests. I would be thrilled to complete the Math as well so I can get back to small groups and working with your child alone (if needed) during my Learning Lab time.

Please do your best to fill in the spots for this week. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0B4DA9A923ABF94-nwea On Friday I will send out the schedule for next week.

Thank you in advance, I know it is difficult with students learning from home, parents working, and me asking you to bring your child to school and back.

I appreciate all your time, effort and support with their work at home!

Have a wonderful day!