Exciting News!  The iLearn classroom for the students to take the comprehension quizzes is up.
To access: go to https://lindbergh.dearbornschools.org  and click on the Battle of the Books link at the top of the home page.
Students will login using their student ID number and passwords that they use on the Chromebooks at school.
Once they are logged in, they will need to enter the enrollment code to join the classroom: xdnt9n
Thank You,
Amy Fradkin and Nicole Bazzi

Sorry for the late post


Reading- DRA continues, sequencing, elements of poetry and drama

Writing- Personal Narratives

Social Studies- Timelines and Early History of Michigan Test on Thursday (pushed back due to testing)

Math-  value of a digit, and place value

Spelling- Check spelling city!

NWEA – Wed. Language Thursday Science


I will be absent on Friday Please send in popcorn money on Thursday to help out our sub.

Thank you all for your interest on the field trip.  I am not picking chaperones yet so…

First you will need to check and see if your background check is current.  Then we will send a permission slip with a spot to check off if you are interested. All parents whose background check is complete and want to do it are put into a lottery and we choose the chaperones. The amount depends on how many students, how many seats on the bus and the number the capital allows. The museum does not have a set number, so that is not a concern. Then I’ll let those chaperones know and if they for some reason can not come we continue to draw.

Remember the background checks are only good for 3 years, so if you did it in kindergarten they are expiring this year.

Thank you again for all of your interest!

Please remember there will be no school on Monday!

See you all Tuesday and have a fun and safe 3 days!

We have our buses and our confirmation from the Capital and the Museum.  Our trip is scheduled for March 7th, 2018.

If you are interested in attending (we have a limited number of chaperones) please make sure your background check is current.  They are good for 3 years so if you applied in kindergarten they will be expiring.  If you are not approved by March 1st, you can not be considered to attend for the safety of your child.  It takes quite a bit of time for the process so please check early.

First I want to thank all the families for your generosity at our party, the treats for the kids were wonderful and the gifts from you were wonderful!  I am truly lucky to be teaching your children and I appreciate all the hard work you do with your children.

This week we will be…

Reading: Story elements, sequencing, and text structure for poetry and plays

Writing: Informational Writing

Social Studies: Michigan becoming a State

Science: Weather and Natural Disasters

Math: Place Value (up until the ten-thousands), comparing digits, and graphing!

Spelling:  Check SpellingCity.com

/scr/, /shr/, /spr/, and /thr/ patterns


Leader in Me: Habit 3- Put First Things First (work first, then play)


Friendly Reminders

  • Please make sure to send your child with weather-appropriate clothing (hats, gloves, scarves, snow pants and boots. We go outside as long as its 20 degrees or above!


  • NWEA Reading is tomorrow!  Have a good breakfast and a good nights sleep and your child will be ready!

Thank you for all your help, and food for our Holiday Party I think it was a huge success!

Over break I am sending home a Winter Break Reading Challenge!  Remember NWEA  and DRA testing is when we return let’s read, read, read and raise our scores!

Winter Reading Challenge

Winter reading challenge marshmellows

Today we worked being a Transition Person- someone who models leadership through proactive behavior.  Ask your child, “What does it mean to be a Transition Person?”

Reading- Comparing points of view and illustrations within nonfiction text (diagrams, timelines, pictures, illustration, etc).

Writing-  We are beginning to researching various winter holidays!

Science- Climate within the world and natural hazards

Math- MATH TEST (Today), This unit is focused on the number system; reading, writing, comparing, and ordering whole numbers and decimals to the thousandths. Much emphasis is to build on their previous knowledge of number to 1,000 and extending to 100,000 and decimals.

Social Studies- Migration, Settlement in Michigan and Michigan becoming a State!

Spelling – Please check Spelling City and your child’s planner


Tuesday- Students will perform for the school please pack their costumes.  They have their evening performance at 7:10 but report in costume to the classroom at 7:00.

Thursday – Our Holiday Party!!

I know with everyone’s busy schedule it is difficult but if you sign up please do so!  We are having snacks and a movie.  The party will begin around 2:25.


Friday- PBIS Reward! Please send in a junkie snack and we will be watching a movie!


Have a safe and wonderful, restful 2 weeks off and I look forward to seeing everyone healthy on January 8th.  NWEA testing begins that week!

It will be Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Please report to the classroom at 7:00pm

Wear your Costume!!!!

Thank you!

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