Updated Grades (FINAL WEEK)

Hello everyone,

As of right now, all grades for this final quarter have been entered. Please check your student connect to see what assignments you are missing. Some students have checked their student connect and noticed an error (In their opinion…haha). If that is the case, send me a message and I will look into it. If you have already done this, I will be investigating today.

Also, if you have missing assignments and you decide to complete them this week, YOU MUST SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE/EMAIL STATING WHAT WAS COMPLETED. If you just chick submit in google classroom under the assignment I WILL NET UPDATE YOUR GRADE. I will only look back in my accounts once I get a private message of what the assignment title is and when it was completed.

For those of you that have turned everything in, enjoy the beautiful weather! I miss you guys a ton. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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