Week 2 Syllabi


Mon-Tues:  Check Ch 1 Review HW

Intro to Ch 2 Case Study Jon Benet

Wed: Ch 2 ppt

HW pre-lab Locard

Thurs-Fri: Lab Activity Locard’s Principle of Exchange

HW: Ch 2 Review p. 33-35, #1-10


Mon & Tues:  Body Worlds video
Lab 1&2:  Language of Anatomy/Organ systems + rs ex1    worksheet

Wed: Check text HW from Ch 1

Thurs: Assessment on Ch 1
HW: Read Ch 3, p. 77- 90.

Fri:  Discuss and summarize ch 3 notes.
HW: ch 3 study packet
and Ch 3 Review MC #7-11, SAE #17-27 and ATC #4 due Tuesday.


Mon: Finish paper airplanes activity

Tues-Wed: Intro to STEM Ch1, Ch 1 Questions, p.11/Focus Student Handout #1

Thurs-Fri: Topic Selection/Approval