Week of June 3, 2019

Eid Mubarak to those of you who celebrated!!

In addition to sharing with you what we are doing in class this week, I’ll be including next week as well.

Thursday – Surface Area of a Pyramid, PPS pg 273-274 homework

Friday – We are having our statistics quiz (this has been our bellwork for the last couple weeks). Students will then be completing a study guide for the surface area quiz. PPS pg 275-276 homework

Monday (June 10) – Surface Area quiz. In class activity for exploring volume

Tuesday – Volume of Rectangular Prisms, PPS pg 285-286 homework. Students will also be given a study guide for the final exam which will take place on Thursday

Wednesday – Review the study guide. Volume Escape Room activity, done in class

Thursday – Final Exam

Friday – last day of school, half day. All students from our team will be getting together for a fun activity.

I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone by. I want to thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me. They have been a pleasure to work with and I will miss them so much!

Love, Ms. Olzak

Week of May 27, 2019

Well, the final countdown has begun for most of the students. But there is still a lot of learning to be done!

Monday – No School, Memorial Day

Tuesday – We will begin Lesson 24, Surface Area of 3-Dimensional figures. Students will be learning about Nets (pieces of paper that are folded into specific shapes). Net Secret Message homework

Wednesday – Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms, PPS pg 269-270 homework

Thursday – Surface Area of Triangular Prisms, PPS pg 271-272 homework

Friday – Bellwork Quiz. Surface Area of Pyramids, PPS pg 273-274 homework

And just a reminder, there is no school on June 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Have a wonderful week!

Week of May 20, 2019

Sixth-grade families,

Because we are nearing the end of the year but still have 2 units in math to learn about, I have decided to change the way we do our bellwork each day in class. At the beginning of each class, we will have a mini-lesson about Statistics (supposed to be our last 6th-grade unit) and the kids will solve a couple of questions during class for practice. There WILL be a quiz in 2 weeks on this content. There is just not enough time left in the school year to wait until after finishing the Geometry unit to start statistics. If you have any questions about that, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

As you know, our NWEA math test that was originally scheduled for last week has been changed to this week.

Monday – NWEA

Tuesday – NWEA

Wednesday – Finding Area of Polygons. Instruction book pg 228-229 (this is the study guide for the quiz!), Finding area by decomposing, homework

Thursday – Lesson 22 (Area of Polygons) quiz

Friday – NO SCHOOL

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Week of May 13, 2019

We have made it to the halfway point of the card marking – there are only 5 weeks left in the school year. We still have a lot of learning to accomplish before the end of 6th-grade!

Monday – finish math workshop, Lesson 20 quiz

Tuesday – Begin the Geometry unit. Area of triangles and parallelograms, PPS pg 249-250 homework

Wednesday – Area of trapezoids, PPS pg 251-252 homework. Wednesday is our last late start day of the year. The first bell rings at 8:50.

Thursday – NWEA math test

Friday – NWEA math test

As always, please continue to check your child’s progress through Parent or Student Connect and contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you and have a great week!

Week of April 29, 2019

In math this week we will be continuing to learn about solving inequalities. Students will be working out of their Instruction and Practice & Problem Solving books as well as completing a cut and paste activity. Sixth-graders will be taking the M-Step math and ELA tests on Thursday and Friday of this week. Please make sure your child comes to school well rested and has eaten a healthy breakfast!!

Monday – Writing & Solving Inequalities, PPS pg 217-218 homework

Tuesday – More with Inequalities, PPS pg 219-220 homework

Wednesday – Inequality Cut & Paste, homework

Thursday – M-Step testing will take place in the morning. Students will have a modified class schedule for the afternoon (still attending all Core classes, just shortened). We will be doing several in-class activities focusing on logical reasoning.

Friday – M-Step testing again. Finishing our logical reasoning activities.

Have a great week!

Week of April 22, 2019

Hello 6th-grade families,

This week in math we will be continuing to prepare for the upcoming M-Step test by doing an online practice test (this gives the students a chance to practice using the online tools that they will see during the actual M-Step test). We will also be wrapping up our study of equations with a Lesson 19 quiz on Thursday. I have to be out on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning for some math department meetings – please have a talk with your child about their expected behavior. And finally, Wednesday of this week is a Late-Start Day with the first bell ringing at 8:50.

Monday – Solving Equations for real-world situations, PPS pg 209-210 homework

Tuesday – Solving Equations guided practice Homework pgs 192-193, Students will also be completing an in-class activity

Wednesday – Solving Equations independent practice, PPS pg 211-212 homework

Thursday – Equation Trashketball (review game), Lesson 19 Quiz

Friday – Solving Inequalities, PPS 215-216

Enjoy your week!

Week of April 8, 2019

Welcome back 6th-grade families!

I hope you had a restful Spring Break. Monday marks the first day of the last card marking – I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by! In math this week we will be jumping into learning about equations and how to solve them.

Monday – We’re learning about some mathematical properties as well as combining like terms in expressions/equations. No homework will be given today – students will be completing an activity in class.

Tuesday – Another in-class activity day with students doing some practice for the M-Step and NWEA tests.

Wednesday – Understanding Solutions to Equations, PPS pg 195-196 homework

Thursday – Writing & Solving Equations, PPS pg 197-198 homework

Friday – Writing & Solving Equations Guided and Independent Practice, Instruction book pg 182-183. These pages are essentially the study guide for the Lesson 18 Quiz that students will be taking on Monday.

On Thursday of this week we will be having our spring Parent/Teacher Conferences. These conferences will take place in the gym from 3:30-6:30. Hope you are able to attend, we would love to talk with you about your child’s progress!!

Week of March 25, 2019

Hello 6th-grade families!

It’s the last week of the 3rd card marking and it’s finally starting to feel like spring! All missing/late work must be turned in by Wednesday the 27th to receive any credit. The only work I am able to collect on Friday is the IXL extra credit. This week we will be wrapping up Lesson 16.

Monday – Writing & Evaluating more expressions, PPS 177-178 homework

Tuesday – Solving Algebraic Expressions, PPS 179-180 homework

Wednesday – Math workshop

Thursday – Math workshop

Friday – finishing math workshop if necessary, Lesson 16 quiz