Week of January 14, 2019

Good evening families,

We are entering into the last week of the 2nd card marking. All missing work is due by Wednesday, the 16th in order to receive credit. Students choosing to complete the IXL extra credit have until Friday the 18th to turn in.

The activity originally planned for last Friday had to be changed and therefore a homework assignment was given. Ordering decimals and Rounding decimals

Monday and Tuesday of this week students will be taking the math portion of the NWEA test.

Wednesday – adding decimals PPS pg 91-92

Thursday – subtracting decimals PPS pg 93-94

Friday, the last day of the marking period, students will be taking a very short (15 questions) mid-term exam. All students will be given this test as a way to determine how much of the math content they retained. We will spend some time reviewing for the mid-term on Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday is a half-day of school with dismissal at 11:05. The following Monday, January 21, there is no school in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And then Tuesday and Wednesday, January 22 and 23, are both half-days as well with dismissal at 11:05.

Please continue to check your child’s progress on MiStar and as always feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

Thanks and have a great week!


Week of January 7, 2019

Welcome back 6th-grade families!

I hope all of you had a relaxing break. I enjoyed spending the last 2 weeks with my family and friends but am excited to see all my 6th-graders again – I’ve missed my school family!!

The next few weeks at Woodworth will be quite busy. Beginning Monday, students will be taking the winter NWEA test (they start with Language Usage, done during social studies). The math portion of the test will be given the following week, January 14 & 15. The 2nd card marking ends on Friday, January 18th. That is a half-day of school with dismissal at 11:05. All missing work MUST be turned in by Wednesday, January 16th in order to receive credit.

We will begin working with decimal operations this week with an emphasis on place value, rounding and comparing decimal values. Our weekly Khan Academy assignment will begin again this week on Tuesday and will be due next Monday, the 14th.

Monday – Whole Numbers place value homework (review)

Tuesday – Decimal place value homework

Wednesday – Place value forms homework

Thursday – In-class activity (decimal trashketball)

Friday – finish trashketball, decimal quiz

Have a great week!

Week of December 17, 2018

Hello Hornet families,

Five more days to go until winter break! The students are getting very excited but I’m hoping they can contain their excitement and energy for just a few more days!

We are finishing up our long division review this week. On Monday and Tuesday the students will be working in class on an activity where they get to create their own movie theater – deciding things like how many workers, how many seats per screen, how much money to charge for concessions, etc. But of course they need to use division for all of these things! Our quiz on long division will be Wednesday. We will be doing some Winter Math during class on Thursday, and then Friday is our field trip to Henry Ford.

Weekly Khan Academy minutes will once again be due by Monday night. However, I’ve decided to give the kids a break and will NOT be requiring them to complete any Khan minutes over break!

I hope all of you have a restful, relaxing break and as always, thank you for all of your support!

Week of December 10, 2018

Hello families,

The next 2 weeks will be quite busy at Woodworth. We are working with Fordson High School to collect medical supplies and funds for a non-profit called Pure Hands to provide relief to the people of Yemen. If you are able, our school is collecting powdered baby formula, antibiotic creams (like Neosporin), anti-itch creams (like Benadryl) and band-aids. Cash donations are welcome also. The donation drive runs through December 19th.

This Friday evening the Woodworth Student Council is sponsoring a Winter Party. There will be inflatables, bubble soccer, a PG movie, basketball, photo booth and food. The cost for the event is $5. Permission slips for this went home on Friday. If your student would like to attend, the money & permission slip are due by Wednesday. If you are interested in chaperoning, please contact the Woodworth PTA at ptawoodworth@dearbornschools.org.

The following week will be our December PBIS reward, 6th-graders will be attending a performance by the 7th & 8th-grade band students in the cafeteria and then Friday the 21st is our field trip to Henry Ford Museum!

In class this week we will be reviewing the steps for solving long division questions. Most of our activities will be done in class with very little homework given.

Monday – Divisibility rules homework

Tuesday – Division partner activity done in class, no homework

Wednesday – Faceing Math activity (an in-class activity that incorporates math and art!). Homework if not finished in class

Thursday – Dividing with 2-digit divisors. division math stories homework

Friday – Division trail activity done in class, no homework

Have a great week!

Week of December 3, 2018

Hello 6th-grade families,

It’s hard to believe that it’s December when the temperature outside is almost 60 degrees! We’ve got 3 more weeks filled with lots of hard work and fun before the start of our Winter Break. A huge thank you to our field trip volunteers for taking the time to stop in at the office to hand in the iChat forms – we could really use 1 or 2 more chaperones if you are able to join us on Friday, December 21. If you can, please have your child let me know and I will send home a copy of the iChat form for you!

Grades have been updated in MiStar. Tomorrow (Monday) I will be sending home a Progress Report with every student. Please look for this paper from your student!

In class this week we will be wrapping up Lesson 7, dividing with fractions. The students have come a long way in their understanding of how to create visual models of this type of division – I’m so proud of them!

Monday – Study Guide for homework

Tuesday – Math Workshop

Wednesday – all middle school math teachers will be attending a Professional Development training. I will be out in the afternoon so we won’t be doing math workshop today. Students will be completing an activity in class.

Thursday – finishing Math Workshop

Friday – Lesson 7 quiz

Thank you for all of your help and support – we are truly a team working toward the success of your child!

Week of November 26, 2018

Hello 6th-grade families!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I was able to spend the holiday with family that I haven’t gotten to see in quite a while which was wonderful!!

On Tuesday afternoon, those students who have earned a full ‘pride card’ (10 points for demonstrating positive behavior) will be attending the Students versus Teachers dodgeball game. Kids attending the game will be chosen at random to play throughout this very fun event!

We will be continuing our Number System unit with a few more days of division with fractions.

Monday – Practice with Visuals homework. Khan Academy minutes due by the end of the day

Tuesday – Divide with Fractions (PPS pg 67-68) homework

Wednesday – Dividing whole numbers by fractions (PPS pg 69-70) homework

Thursday – Dividing fractions by fractions (PPS pg 71-72) homework

Friday – Dividing mixed numbers by fractions (PPS pg 73-74) homework

Finally, a HUGE thank you to those that signed up as chaperones for our Henry Ford Museum field trip next month. If you haven’t yet, please be sure to stop in at the office with your picture ID and iChat form as soon as possible! If you didn’t sign up to chaperone but still want to, please have your student let me know – we have room for a couple more chaperones and would love to have you join us!!!

As always, please continue to check your student’s progress in MiStar – all grades are up to date! Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me – it is truly a delight to work with them each day!!!!

Week of November 19, 2018

The excitement for the Thanksgiving break has been building and I know everyone is happy about only having 2 days of school this week!

As always, Khan Academy minutes are due by the end of Monday. Students will be completing their ‘Be the Teacher’ posters in class on Monday (I will give them some time to finish on Tuesday if needed). I had originally planned for the students to take a quiz on Lesson 6 Tuesday but I feel like they need some more practice with modeling division of fractions before being quizzed on it. Therefore, there will NOT be a quiz covering Lesson 6 – instead, I will be counting the poster project as the summative grade for the lesson. I just don’t feel like the majority of the students understand the concept enough at this point and it wouldn’t be fair for me to quiz them on it yet. If you have any questions or concerns about that, please do not hesitate to email me!

We will be doing some Thanksgiving math activities in class on Tuesday. Unless absolutely necessary, I try not to give my students homework over a break – they (and you!) need a chance to be with their families and just relax!!

I wish all of you a very happy and relaxing Thanksgiving break!

Week of November 12, 2018

Hello 6th-grade families,

Fall parent/teacher conferences are this week. They will be held in the main gym today, November 12 from 4-7:00 and Wednesday, November 14 from 3:30-6:30. Hope you can make it.

Students will be taking their first unit test on Tuesday of this week. We will begin our next unit, The Number System, on Wednesday.

Monday – test review

Tuesday – Unit 1 Test

Wednesday – Division with fractions, pg 59-60 homework

Thursday – Dividing by a fraction, pg 61-62 homework

Friday – Students will be working with a partner to write a math story that uses division of fractions and then creating a poster to teach others how to solve it.

Enjoy your week!