The New Plan Starting March 1st: All You Need To Know

Starting Monday March 1st, 2021, we will start our plan to bring students back to in-person learning through a phased in approach.  This was also recently explained in our last Parent Principal Monthly Meeting! Thank you to all the families who logged on. We had GREAT turn out for this virtual meeting. The first phase will begin with 6th grade only on Monday, March 1st. The calendar below gives you a detailed listing of how each week will look and what group of students are coming in for face to face instruction.

New Learning Hybrid Plan Starting Monday March 1st.

Face-to-Face Instruction:

Group A-Monday and Thursday (last name A-F with few exceptions)

Group B-Tuesday and Friday (last name G-Z with few exceptions)

All Students have been informed by their 1st hour teachers the days they attend Face to Face Instruction.

7th & 8th Grade Hybrid Schedule starts Monday, March 1st synchronous instruction from home. Click here for the 7th/8th Grade Hybrid Schedule

6th Grade Block A/B Hybrid Schedule Starts March 1st, 2021 Click here for the 6th Grade A/B Block Hybrid Schedule
6th Grade Block C/D Hybrid Schedule Starts March 1st, 2021 Click here for the 6th GRADE C/D Hybrid Schedule

Learning Labs are virtual unless the teacher directs otherwise.

Entry/Exit Plan Starting March 1st:

Entry: Middle school students will enter the building through cafeteria door #23 at 8:40 AM to grab a snack-to-go

Elementary students will remain virtual. More information will be provided by their classroom teacher.

As always, please reach out to us if you need anymore clarifications. We are a team and together this will be a smooth transition.

Go Wildcats!!!!