Fantastic Flyers is a great way to showcase your child following the 7 Habits after school in a sport, dance, music lessons or anything extracurricular they do.  Just fill out the Fantastic Flyer sheet and attach a picture of your child doing the activity and it will be displayed in the showcase in the entrance of our school!

Click on the link below to print the Fantastic Flyer.

Greetings Flyers Family,

We are off to an AMAZING start this year raising raising donations for the American Heart Association!  Students can collect donations one of two ways; registering online with the app or with the purple envelope that went home this week with the students.
Because of the overwhelming response already, I ask that students only turn in their envelope when they are finished collecting their donation on their PE days with the money in their purple envelope.  This way, I can assure that each child has received the necessary prizes they have earned and thank them for their assistance in helping out with this amazing program. If your child has loose money/checks to turn in, I ask that they keep it in their Kids Heart Challenge envelope until they are finished collecting and ready to turn it in during PE class  The deadline for the donations is Friday, February 15th.  Extra envelopes are in the office as well as when the students come to class.
Additionally, I encourage all students to register online for their FREE glow in the dark wristband and your chance at a $25 gift card and a free PE day for the entire class! The class with the most online registrations will claim the prize! Registration is easy, please go to, search the school and the rest is easy.  Another way to register is by downloading the Kids Heart Challenge mobile app and it will walk you through the necessary steps to complete the registration.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  As always, thank you for your support,
Mr. Harvey

Mrs. Noe’s News

Jan.14-18, 2019



  This week we will continue Fables.  We will discuss features of Fables and compare and contrast stories.  We will continue to read poetry to help with phonics, segmenting words and phonemic awareness skills. We will also work on Short and Long vowel U. There will be a Spelling Pretest tomorrow. Last week the students checked each others paper.  This will take time and practice. I do remind them to write neatly when checking the pretests. We do this together.


This week we are continuing Opinion writing.  We will focus on using transition words, editing punctuation and spelling.


 This week we will practice making ten with the numbers 7,8 and 9.  Homework will be assigned.


This week the students will identify types objects being transparent, translucent, opaque and reflective and we will observe shadows.

Social Studies

This week the students will learn about producers and consumers.

January Reminders!

  • Tues., Jan. 15th- NWEA Math Assessment
  • Fri., Jan.  18th- ½ day; 11:45am dismissal
  • Mon., Jan. 21st- No SCHOOL
  • Tues., Jan. 22nd- NWEA reading assessment
  • Tues., Jan 22nd- ½ day; 11:45am dismissal
  • Fri., Jan. 25th- Popcorn Friday!

7 Habits!

This week we will review Habit 3: Put First, Things First.  The students will write how they follow this habit.

Today your child is bringing home their topic quiz which reviewed lessons 3-6.  There were 13 problems so each problem was worth 1 point.  Everything needed to be correct in the problem in order to get the whole point.  Questions 5 and 6 asked students to make a math drawing using the 10-frame to show how they made ten.  Many students just drew everything in that frame.  There should be 5 circles in the top row and 5 in the bottom which makes it a 10-frame.  The other circles should be drawn outside of the frame.

When looking at your child’s quiz please review with them the problems they got wrong and why.  It’s good to practice and review mistakes your child makes so they learn from it.

The students will be having their mid-module 2 assessment later next week.

Dear Lindbergh Flyers Family,

I am very excited to kickoff our Kids Heart Challenge (formerly Jump Rope for Heart).  Information about the event will be passed out to students this week regarding ways to support the American Heart Association (non-profit) with a wonderful fundraiser opportunity to give back and provide assistance for lifesaving research.  Additionally, a one page flyer will also be distributed in Arabic for our families regarding the event. You can lead the way by registering and taking the challenge! Here is the link our schools web page to register and more information. Thank you for your continued support!

Today your child brought home their January Reading Calendar.  I have increased the reading minutes to 15 minutes each day.  Please have them get in the habit of writing down the minutes they read on their calendar daily.  This logging of minutes continues into the other grades. Thanks!

Today your child was assigned 2 math pages for homework.  Instead of having the kids write the page numbers, I now have them writing the lesson numbers.  So today Lessons 3 and 4 were assigned.

Topic A Parent Tip Sheet

Based on Public Law 306 (October 2016), third grade students who are more than a year below grade level on the state ELA assessment are under consideration for retention in third grade.  Dearborn Public Schools staff in elementary schools have been systematically planning to ensure that teachers have the training to teach reading effectively and that students receive small group instruction based on their needs.  The current year second graders are the first group to potentially be impacted by the legislation.
You are invited to join the district task force to strengthen the planning process and to ensure that the community is informed and engaged in the success of every student.
If you would like to participate, please complete the survey.


Community Service Projects

The students of Lindbergh have decided to do two community service projects.  This helps out the community by us giving to those that are in need. We are sharpening our saw by helping our hearts.  Please consider giving to one of our projects.


  1. Dearborn Animal Shelter

The Dearborn Animal Shelter is located on MIchigan Ave. behind the Police Station.  They take care of many unwanted pets. Due to the amount of animals they need our help.  The shelter is in need of many new items to help take care of the animals. Here is a list of a few needed items for dogs and cats. Cats need dry purina, dishes and cat clay litter- non clumping. Dogs need Nylon 6 ft. leashes, pedigree(food). Both cats and dogs need new fleece blankets, toys and treats. We are collecting until the end of February. Put the donations in the box by the Auditorium.



  1. Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House of Ann Arbor provides a “home away from home” for families of children experiencing a serious illness or injury required hospitalization in the Ann Arbor area.

The Ronald McDonald House needs pop tabs to turn in and they can recycle them for money.  Please bring your pop tabs to school and put them in your classroom container. We are collecting until the end of May.


From: The Lindbergh Lighthouse Leaders