2022-2023 ASAP Program-2nd Semester


2nd Semester ASAP registration has started. Credit recovery classes offered in the After School Academic Program (ASAP) begin on February 14th on Tuesdays/Thursdays, or Wednesdays/Fridays. A student may enroll in up to two classes. Each class runs two days a week and each class costs $150. There will be a discount of $100 for early registration.

If you are interested in your child attending credit recovery classes, or if you have further questions, please contact your child’s counselor, or the at-risk advisors listed below, to obtain an application.

Seniors who are missing credits or a core class and need to attend summer school at the time of graduation will not be allowed to walk with their class and participate in the graduation ceremony

9th Grade: Mrs. Mroue: 313-8277-1527 mrouel@dearbornschools.org

10 Grade: Mrs. Berri, 313-827-1523 berrib@dearbornschools.org

11th Grade: Mrs. Fidama 313-827-7312 fidamaa@dearbornschools.org

12th Grade: Mr. Naimi 313-827-7877 naimik@dearabornschools.org

Or any of the following counselors:

Mrs. Mohamed: (A-Alw), 313-827-8325 mohameh@dearbornschools.org

Ms. Albarakat: (Aly-Ham) 313-827-7651 albarai@dearbornschools.org

Mr. Baydoun: (Han-New),  313-827-1522 baydoui@dearbornschools.org

Mrs. Welmers: (Ng-Z), 313- 827-1524 welmerg@dearbornschools.org

If you have further questions, please contact your child’s counselor, or Mr. Naimi, the Graduation Specialist, to obtain an application. The application is available online by clicking on Registration Form

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