Critter Guy!

Last week Critter Guy came to our classroom and showed us a bunch of animals. The child got to touch and hold a snake, lizard, bird, frog and chinchilla! It was so much fun to have a zoo come to school!



During our Fall Harvest day we dressed in our pajamas and explored with some pumpkins! First we explored the inside of a pumpkin and played with the seeds (when we were finished we made our pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns)! The next day we read Elmer and then turned our pumpkins into patchwork pumpkins.


Parent Meeting Presentation

Here is the presentation from the Parent Meeting for those who would like to look it over again or just watch that two year old make lasagna! Please make sure your child is practicing putting their shoes, socks and jackets on by themselves (yes this means their zippers too). If you want them to be warm outside then you must teach them how to keep their bodies warm!


Writing Our Names

We have been practicing writing our names by signing in after small group. The writing process is different for every kid. Most students this age are still in the scribbling phase of writing and that is perfectly fine! The more we build up their finger strength the easier it will be for them to copy the letters. You might also notice that some kids drew pictures or made a story that dealt with themselves rather than write their name. This is some great storytelling and also a form of beginning reading and writing. Make sure your child is practicing at home as well as at school because practice makes perfect!