Parents,  please fill out this short but very important survey concerning your feedback on returning to school in the fall.  Please, it is crucial that you take the time to answer the questions and leave your comments. Please press on the link below to start the survey.For translation assistance, parents may call 313-580-2532 Monday June 8th through Friday June 12th 8:30a.m. through 4:30p.m.

School Reopen Committee Parent Survey #1


Hello all,

Ramadan Mubarak for all the students practicing fasting. Hope you are safe and healthy as well.

From now on, I will be assigning all the concepts we learned in class during this year. Nothing new. We finished all the concepts that you might learn again in Algebra1.

For this week, please complete U.2, U.8 and U.10 in the category Algebra 1. We learned substitution and elimination last in class and you will need to review these concept as you might take the PSAT. ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN ON PAPER AND SENT TO ME BY EMAIL. NO EXCUSES.

Some helpful videos to review these concepts are available on Khan Academy or YouTube. I can not post them here to not violate the right of publication. I will post videos on google classroom. Always reach me on Remind with a picture of your question to better help you.

Stay Safe,

This week , we are starting our second transformation lesson which is TRANSLATION. Keep in mind, to translate a shape on a grid means to SLIDE it sideways (x-axis) or up-down(y-axis).

Objectives: Students will be able to identify and to describe translation of a shape. Also, students will be a able to perform translations on a grid using the appropriate notation.

IXL: P.6 – P.7 and in geometry category L-2

Have a nice week!

Hello all, hope you are all doing well and are safe during this time.

We are going to continue our 8th grade curriculum online through google hangout til the end of the year. I am proceeding with our geometry unit. We started with the reflection lesson 2 weeks ago and you were assigned videos to watch and IXL to complete. I am going over the lesson this week and will be asking you questions virtually to respond to.

You are going to review the videos, complete the IXL before the meeting time. During the meeting, I am going over the lesson, and will be asking questions to practice. After the meeting, you are going to complete the iReady assigned and other practices.

Meeting times: https://meet.google.com

  • First and Fourth Hour: Tuesday 4/14 at 12 noon, use code sent on Remind for the session name
  • Fifth Hour: Thursday 4/16 at 12 noon, use code sent on Remind for the session name

When logged in, all students are to mute their microphones. Unmute only when you are asked to share your answers. I will also be available on remind for any questions during the day til 8 pm.

Dearborn Public Schools is offering free pickup lunch and breakfast for students while school is closed for the mandatory shut down over the next few weeks.

Families will be able to stop in and pick up a bag with both breakfast and lunch for each child in the family.  Pickups will run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to noon at Fordson, Edsel Ford, Dearborn high school, McCollough-Unis, Salina Intermediate, and Woodworth Middle School.

Mondays, students will receive breakfast and lunch for Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesdays, students will receive breakfast and lunch for Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Fridays, students will receive breakfast and lunch for Friday Saturday and Sunday.


Hope you are all doing well, staying safe and positive.

For this week, I assigned iReady lessons to do. Please sign in under Clever, and click on iReady. When you sign in, you will find the review lessons assigned for this week.

All of the lessons are a review from what we completed in the classroom, if you need any help, contact me through Remind. Please, no late night messages.

Stay Safe. Miss you all 🙁

Lowrey School will be distributing Chromebooks to families in order to support their child’s remote Learning. Each Chromebook was checked and cleaned by admin and personnel to ensure that they are safe to be used. Please note that chromebooks need a working internet connection.   If your family does not have a working computer and is in need of a chromebook then please come to Lowrey’s main doors, tomorrow Thursday March 19th between times of 11:30am to 3pm. 
 One chromebook per household! 
 All parents will need to sign a consent form to insure chromebooks will be returned in the same condition they were given. All parents and students are responsible for the chromebooks. They must be returned once students return to school. 

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this critical time.

We will be communicating through this blog about all the assignments and tools you could use to continue our learning from home. Along with our Remind and Google classroom created during this year, I will be posting a scheduled plan to follow weekly to complete our 8th grade math curriculum.

  1. For the week of March 16, 2020:We completed Lesson 28 and 29 on Scatter plot. Please complete, IXL: C.C.15 and C.C.16 by Thursday March 19
  2. Bellwork: IXL Algebra 1 section, Q.7, Due Friday, March, 20,200 at 7.pm
  3. We will begin our Geometry Unit: Transformations of Shapes
  • Reflection is the first transformation a shape could undergo.
  • Objective: Students will be able to reflect a shape over the x-axis, y-axis and y=x line. Also, students will be able to apply the reflection rules to determine the side of reflections. All students will be able to express verbally and in writing how they could reflect a shape by applying the reflection rules. 
  •  Tuesday March 17: Watch the reflection Videos:  
  • This video will show you step by step reflections over any line of reflections such as x-axis, y-axis and y=x https://youtu.be/ouNp8FtgiEE 
  • These are more video to benefit from;  https://youtu.be/j1X_UIOvEwA, https://youtu.be/eUCvjGu6I3E 
  • Here is the main rules to apply while reflecting a shape:
Image result for rule of reflections

Complete IXL: P.8- P.9- P.10- P.11 By Sunday March 22, 2020 at 8 p.m

Dearborn Schools offering free breakfast and lunch pickup for students at six sites

Dearborn Public Schools is offering free pickup lunch and breakfast for students while school is closed for the mandatory shut down over the next three weeks.

Families will be able to stop in and pick up a bag with both breakfast and lunch for each child in the family.  Pickups will run daily from 10 a.m. to noon starting tomorrow, March 17 at Fordson, Edsel Ford and Dearborn high schools, McCollough-Unis, Salina Intermediate, and Woodworth Middle School.

Signage at each site will direct parents and students where to enter the building. Food will be near entrances to minimize the amount of time community members spend in the facilities.

Please note, meals are available to anyone age 18 and younger.  Students do not need to be present, and the Dearborn School student does not need to attend at that building.  A designated person can collect meals for multiple children.  Meals for Saturday and Sunday can be picked up on Friday.

The program will allow the District’s 20,700 students to continue to have access to healthy food.  Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last week ordered all Michigan schools closed from March 16 through April 3 to slow the spread of novel coronavirus and cases of COVID-19.  Dearborn Schools is scheduled for spring break April 6 to 10, so school will not resume in the District until April 13.

The grab-and-go meals will be served at least through April 3.

Superintendent Glenn Maleyko praised the District’s food service team for quickly implementing this drastic change in service to meet the needs of families.

“We appreciate the patience of our families and community as we all try to adjust to this sudden change from closing schools,” Dr. Maleyko said.  “More than three quarters of our students qualify for free or reduced priced school meals.  We realize this food is important to our families, many of whom may be facing additional financial hardships from the sudden economic changes related to COVID-19.”

Check the Dearborn Public Schools website at www.dearbornschools.org for any updates or changes to the meal program or for other issues regarding the school closure.